Blank Generation
Classic 1980 Film Starring Richard Hell as a Down and Out NYC Musician

Blank Generation - Classic 1980 Film Starring Richard Hell as a Down and Out NYC Musician
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William: interesting insights! The great thing about sharing reviews is discovering points of solidarity as well as disconnects. I bet you will agree that ultimately it's all about the "discovering." I find that it is easier to articulate what I dislike as opposed to what I like, and I am ...Read more

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True enough! I really wanted to like this one--I've always liked Hell's--but it never came together for me. Ah well, so it goes....

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Wow, that was really...disappointing. I suppose the aimless, meandering story line is an effort to show how "blank" these lives are. But I don't have an explanation for the mediocre acting or the fact that the characters are so poorly defined. A couple decent music videos along the way, but ...Read more

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An amusing movie less for what it is than as an artifact of annoyingly pretentious intellectual art-house filmmaking at its absolutely most unbearable. The acting is so wonderfully awful as to border on the mesmerizingly sublime and the plot . . . the plot . . . well, it has its own ...Read more

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Nailed it... damn, I should have read your review BEFORE I watched it.

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Poorly made and trying much too hard to ape Goddard, but the music is raw, powerful and timeless.

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