Boondock Saints

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I really enjoyed "Boondock Saints" for many reasons, its violence is very flashy but has a certain . style that makes it almost artistic rather than overly gorey. Also, it doesn't get weighed down by taking itself too seriously, its kept light from scene to scene by the banter between the ...Read more

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“Boondock Saints,” while a little stylistically flashy and arguably gratuitous in its violence, is in my opinion a highly entertaining movie with strong character performances. The “blood spatter” isn’t the only area in which this movie is entirely overt in its intensions — musical overtures ...Read more

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I saw this move once a long time ago and was pleasantly surprised to see it here. I gladly watched it again and this time around found it way better than my earlier opinion. I recognize a lot more characters in it now, including Norman Reedus, comedian Bob Marley, and Willem Dafoe. The movie ...Read more

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Hilarious movie.

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