Booze Less Be Your Best

Booze Less Be Your Best
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Your Best Brain
The most complex object in the known universe is the human brain. We all have a basic conception of how our brains function, but do you truly understand the inner workings of your mind? In 24 exciting lectures, probe the origins of consciousness, memory, emotion, intelligence, and more. Learn scientifically…
Clean Your Kitchen, Improve Your Diet
What can neuroscience tell us about healthy eating? Can scientific insights help you curb unhealthy snacking? In this first look at food, see how simple changes such as cleaning your kitchen and changing your food's packaging may have a measurable effect on unhealthy eating habits.
Use Your Body to Alter Your Mind
Jog your brain into activity - literally. In this fascinating look at the relationship between the body and the mind, you'll learn why forcing yourself to smile has genuine mental benefits, see how physical activity can aid your problem-solving skills, and more. Test yourself at the end to see these…
How Your Brain Uses Your Senses
Episode 8 of Your Best Brain
The objective reality of the world around you and what your body senses are two very different things. Examine the three-step process the body uses to create sensations in response to outside stimuli. Then, learn a simple trick for using your senses to boost your ability to remember facts.
Manage Your Stress to Manage Your Pain
No matter its cause, stress signals your body to release cortisol - its primary fight-or-flight hormone - which increases your perception of pain, causes more stress, and even doubles the symptoms of pain that you experience. Learn how to break this cycle by identifying and reducing the real stressors in…
You Are What Your Mother Ate
Your diet as a fetus has a powerful influence on your life as an adult. What micronutrients are most important to your first nine months of life? What did a historic Dutch famine reveal about the consequences of sub-standard nutrition during pregnancy? What can we learn from studying heritable changes…
Future You and Better Decisions
Enter the fray of a negotiation between the "present you" and the "future you." Do you take $10 today, or wait for $15 next week? While the answer may seem logically clear, we have a powerful, built-in desire for instant gratification. Learn what you can do today to make decisions…
Take Control of Your Automatic Brain
Recent decades have seen an explosion of understanding about our brains, and with this new information come some surprising and counterintuitive conclusions about our behavior and decision-making processes. Begin by examining the disconnect between our actions and our consciousness of those actions. Are we as in control of ourselves as…
Tune Up Your Brain with Meditation
We all have a conception of what meditation is - but what actually happens inside your brain? Could it be that meditation built into our evolutionary makeup? And how can regular practice benefit us? Reflect on the answers to these questions and more.
Overcome Your Aging Brain
There's no doubt that neurons die off and mental decline occurs, but the good news is that we can stave off these ill effects through exercise, new experiences, and more. Delve into the aging brain to see what happens as we get older, and what you can do to mitigate…
Grow Your Brain Out of Depression
Even if we never experience a major depression in our lives, mild depression is like the "common cold" of mental illness. Yet most people fail to seek help, instead trying to power through these unfortunate down periods. Here, Professor Vishton offers several ways to fight these mild depressions.
Hack Your Brain to Unlearn Fear
From flying to public speaking, we all have a number of arguably irrational phobias. Where do these fears come from? How do we learn them? And most importantly, how do we overcome them? Go on a step by step journey through the world of fear, and learn what you can…