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cute story but still IMO a 2 star film

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Excellent story, a real coming-of-age, but I feel like better than most. You really see how the main character Boy has grown, even though he maintains his own personality. He's seen his idol broken down and realized the responsibilities of family and the importance of family over cheap fame. ...Read more

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loved the Boy!! :)

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I love Kanopy for introducing me to Taika Waititi.
in search of the Wilderpeople, What we do at Night and Boy are all fantastic.

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Saw this in NZ when it premiered. Forgot how wonderful it was. I laughed... I cried... I love BOY!

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It's going to make you cry and laugh. At multiple times. Often simultaneously. Loved it.

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Definitely not for kids due to the content. Loved this adorable film. Agree, so funny and so sad at the same time! I love the Maori version of Thriller at the end!

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So, so, good. Funny, sad. Watch it.

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One of those rare, unforgettable films in the vein of "The Gods Must Be Crazy". An unexpected delight.

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Seriously funny.

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Highly recommended but not to watch with younger kids. Even the sad parts were funny! Loved Rocky and his imagination - The end summarizes it all! Did you know that the father- Alamein/Shogun - is Taika Waititi? Good movie!

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Is this a movie for children under 10?

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kay louise

definitely not for young children-the father was quite a con artist, but not a good role model. He hadn't learned from his incarceration. Thank goodness for Grandma! Of course Boy wanted to look up to his father and emulate him..Glad not more serious things happened while Boy was looking ...Read more

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This film has not been rated by the MPAA or Common Sense Media. However, adult language, alcohol and drug use, and some violence is present in the film so we would caution against showing this film to a younger audience.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

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Too sad for me...undercurrents got to me. Great children...acting was amazing...nuances of emotions wonderfully done.

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Absolutely adored it <3

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Boy oh boy, charming doesn't even begin to describe it. The sad parts are still funny and all the laughs come with an lining of sincerity and wonder. Waititi's imaginative writing and direction present Boy and his difficult situation without stripping him of the fantasies and folly that come ...Read more

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Very enjoyable film.....and funny too.

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This is a great film.

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A charming and hilarious coming of age story from Taika Waititi.

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I've seen all of Taika Waititi's feature-length films and I'm such a fan of his flair for storytelling and sense of humor. This film is smaller and less action-packed than his later films but it is a very sweet character study with a talented young actor (James Rolleston) in the lead role. ...Read more

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