The Boy Downstairs

The Boy Downstairs
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Well thanks to all the bad reviews re this flick. I am moving on to the next one ha!

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I thought it was boring at first, but it luckily picked up. It's reality based anyway, unlike silly chick flicks that Disney up the dating process. Sometimes the dialogues were quite awkward. But the characters grow on you throughout the film.

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I liked it quite a bit, except her hairstyle was so bad

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I know! Haha

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This was wonderful. I noice that films about women's journeys get horrid reviews, or are ignored, and this film falls into that category, with many, many, others. It's beautiful, touching, and a character study, among other things. I wish men could relate to women the way women have been ...Read more

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Super sweet and fun love story. Love and relationships are complicated and this movie shows you that.

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Frank Sherman

i COMPLETELY DISAGREE with you on this point. I think about love and relationships, EVERY day, believe me. But this movie I thought was NOT poetic or interesting. It didn't even make me feel on iota for any of the characters (and if you knew what I was going through at this time you would ...Read more

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Not horrible but not fantastic. I would put it on in the background as I fold laundry and drink wine.

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"please end" -me the whole time

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Zodiac Mamet saved this film for me. Her energy and quirkiness carried me through.

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Too slow!

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This is definitely the worst movie I have EVER seen.

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So boring that I stopped watching halfway through. At no point did I start to care about the characters and what was happening to them. I also agree that it does not resemble real life in NYC at all.

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Too slow moving

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Disappointing. This NY bears not even a slight resemblance to the real city. From the gorgeous brownstone apartment that a salesperson can supposedly afford to the fact that the protagonist doesn't know even one person of color. Worse yet, the storyline is so weak I don't even care what ...Read more

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so true

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I definitely agree on the fact that there is not even at least ONE person of color on this film. I had my fingers crossed throughout the whole thing hoping for at least one colored person to show up.

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Sweet film, but it needed more. I liked how relatable the film was, I'm all for mublecore, and I understand that life is anti-climactic and directors want to mimic that, but it just needed more. It wasn't memorable. More settings, deeper emotions, give me something to think about.

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these bourgeois assholes need to get over themselves

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Too many dialogs with so many hmmm's, ooh's, and silences, with nothing at all to say. Frivolous comments. Confusion, indecisiveness, nothing deep, and what is worst, nothing to learn.

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Aww... sweet characters finding their way to and from each other, under the backdrop of a beautiful city. Lovely.

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Certainly a slice of life !

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Just what the doctor ordered. A sweet, funny rom-com in the greatest city in the world.

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Cute story; quite slow

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great story and great tempo!

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not bad, remind me of me not making up my mind and breaking up with all the guys, what for? to end up alone! now too late to do what she did at the end.

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I like how the director spun it out way past the point of no return and then slowly reeled it back in.

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Surprisingly very realistic and fantastic. I wish all love stories ended this way :(

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ha. me too.

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J'ai adoré ce film

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