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Anonymous picture

This movie completely destroyed me. If you were there at the time it brings it all back. The last twenty minutes had me sobbing uncontrollably.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful, powerful film. True to the story it tells. Astounding that it was 25 years ago.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I'd like to think of my self as open minded but what the fr*ck was this movie. Powerful? yes. CInematography? Not quite.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful, devastating, must see.

Sean avatar

Invigorating, urgent & heartfelt, this one really does live up to the hype.

Anonymous picture

Powerful film to be remembered.

Anonymous picture

I haven't cried this much over a movie in ages. It's a bit overlong because it gets artsy in places it didn't need to be (the club scenes) but you get involved with these dying, desperate and angry characters who simply want to live yet are treated as afterthoughts by society. You come to ...Read more

John avatar

The previous reviewer mentions the final twenty minutes. It's a brilliant film all the way through but those last 20 are indeed intense. Really fantastic. And powerful.

Anonymous picture

Well, the title doesn't do the movie justice..and it's about 30 minutes too long..but a very powerful, intense film that feels more like a documentary than a movie. The last 20 minutes are very difficult to watch, but I think that was the point..not a movie for the faint of heart but ...Read more

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