Brasilia: Life After Design 
The Utopian Capital of Brazil

Brasilia: Life After Design  - The Utopian Capital of Brazil
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Disappointing. Very little about the design of Brasilia and few details about the problems that Brasilia faces now. Mostly aimless footage of people's everyday lives with very little exposition. Example: a 2 minute scene where we watch a person listening on the telephone while sitting in a ...Read more

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In "The Shock of the New," Robert Hughes pretty much skewers Brasilia - to him, the idea of "living in someone's idea" is a bad one, if the idea is the utopian, modernist one that went into the creation of Brasilia.
This documentary doesn't take a heavy hand in promoting any idea or ...Read more

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This documentary is nicely done, with a mix of archival footage, modern street scenes, and individual stories. The camera captures many beautiful backdrops containing buildings, plants, water features, and reflected light. The filmmakers have managed to communicate a sense of what it would be ...Read more

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