The Browning Version

The Browning Version
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Just wonderful!

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A great actor in a good movie.

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Should be on a double-feature venue: The Browning Version and Lindsay Anderson's [If]. It's idiosyncratically and very British; many Americans won't understand the subtext I suspect. Terrific script, direction and, of course, the acting. It's hard to imagine a bleaker mid-life existential ...Read more

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"The Deep Blue Sea" really struck a few chords with me...and it was pronoucingly more balanced in comparison to "The Browning Version". I suppose I am only comparing the films as I have not read Rattigan's original plays. As a female "The Browning Version" largely reminded me of aspects of ...Read more

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I actually loved "The Deep Blue Sea," an equally bleak examination of two emotionally unfulfilled people who drown in sexuality to get their fixes. One a WWII pilot, who feels dead in his post war life after the thrills he experienced in the cockpit, the other a sex-deprived woman married to ...Read more

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What an excellent could I have missed seeing this all these years? Wonderful to see the transformation of Andrew as he becomes more vulnerable and tender. I loved the relationship between him and Teplo (sp?)—the bond and chemistry apparent without needing too much dialogue.

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got through about 15 minutes. could not go on. a poor update of the 1951 classic.

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I resound the comments of others on this outstanding film with the commanding portrayal of the central figure by Albert Finney. Greta Scacchi, as his unhappy wife, added further depth to this well written film, and the large school group scenes were masterfully orchestrated.

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Wonderful movie that I watched again with the same pleasure as in the past. The cast is remarkable, esp Albert Finney who deserved a BAFTA or an Oscar for his subtle interpretation.

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A not-to-be missed performance by the great Albert Finney.

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Samuel W

Very moving film--without relying on excessive sentimentality.

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Althea Gail

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

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A stunningly beautiful film. Top British cast and the one and only Albert Finney!

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Wonderful Albert Finney! Top cast! A stunningly beautiful British film; there are two things in life most stressful;
moving and divorce! (headmaster says) and he could have added the end of one's career.

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