Building Effective & Motivated Teams Series 1

Building Effective & Motivated Teams Series 1
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Welcoming New People
Sherry is new, but gets relegated to the bottom of the stairs, where she feels isolated and excluded from team activities and events. Carol ignores Sherry and her induction of…
Staying Motivated at Work
Team members present their various views on their attitudes toward the workplace - whether they feel motivated and what causes them to be de-motivated. Marcus uses some gimmicks to present…
Supporting Others
Marcus creates an award for the most supportive employee of the month and challenges the team to be supportive, saying everyone will be judged on who offers the most support…
Embracing New Ideas
Marcus presents an unpopular suggestion whilst the rest of the group also contribute new idea.
  • Don't assume your ideas are best. INSTEAD: Be open to everyone.
  • Don't accuse others…
Making Decisions
Serena questions the decision making process for the cutbacks. Instead of considering the weakest performer, Marcus has hired two new weaker people. Serena is shocked by the random choice toy…

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A mong the success stories of empowerment and employee involvement, few are as dramatic and inspiring as that of the Ericsson G.E. Mobile Communications plant in Lynchburg, Virginia. This video demonstrates how an employee involvement program transformed a company. The real people involved - workers, supervisors, and managers - recreate…
The Vision of Teams
The Vision of Teams tells a compelling, real-life story that illustrates how a team with a shared vision can accomplish the extraordinary. Hosted by polar explorer Ann Bancroft, The Vision of Teams presents the amazing journey of the first women's team to ski across Antarctica to the South Pole. It…
Invisible Rules: Men, Women and Teams
"Successful organizations of the future are going to have leaders, are going to have team members who understand the rules of both cultures." - Dr. Pat Heim. According to Dr. Pat Heim in this customer-requested sequel to The Power Dead Even Rule, men and women grow up in different cultures,…
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Skills, Techniques and Strategies for Effective Negotiations - With Patrick Cleary
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Program Highlights
  • Nine rules for getting the best deal.
  • How espionage and empathy get you prepared.
  • How to gain credibility--and the most common way to lose it.
As a former federal mediator, Pat Cleary has been involved with just about every kind of negotiation. In this entertaining presentation,…
Influence - How to Build Effective Relationships and Allies by Carole Robin
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As work increasingly cuts across boundaries, it's necessary for you to in uence people at all levels of your organisation in order to get your job done. Whether it's your boss (or your boss's boss!), peers or direct reports, Carole Robin describes how to use the law of reciprocity and…
Building a Feedback-Positive Organization by David Bradford & Scott Brady
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An effective leader must be prepared to offer timely and honest feedback, both to employees and to other members of the management team. Whether positive or negative, such input shows concern for the growth of each individual. David Bradford examines what it takes to have a "feedback rich" organization, while...An…
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