Bullying Cultures
The Social and Psychological Dynamics of Bullying

Bullying Cultures - The Social and Psychological Dynamics of Bullying
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One in 10 American children suffers from a serious emotional disturbance and over 17 million have experienced a psychiatric disorder. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Liz Garbus, A DANGEROUS SON focuses primarily on three families in crisis, each struggling with a child’s severe mental illness and desperately seeking treatment in the…
Child Development Theorists
The changes that happen to humans in the first two decades of life are astonishing--from being helpless newborns to independent adults. The study of that journey--with its physical, intellectual, social, and emotional changes--is called child development theory. Theories in child development have changed the way that parents raise their children…
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This film will show you, step-by-step and in detail, how to carry out a target child observation. By observing the techniques demonstrated, you will have the opportunity to quickly grasp the skills needed to carry out this kind of observation effectively in your everyday practice. Initially shown as one continuous…
Guiding Behaviour In Early Childhood
GUIDING BEHAVIOUR IN EARLY CHILDHOOD (A POSITIVE PLAN FOR DISCIPLINE & CAREGIVING) - Despite their best moments, toddlers and preschoolers often behave in ways that frustrate their parents and caregivers, and even endanger their own safety. They are not intentionally being "bad", but how can we guide them in a…
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When young children hear music, their natural inclination is to move their bodies in response to it. Research has shown that this movement, like the music itself, is an integral factor in the brain's and the body's healthy development. Music is an invaluable learning tool by itself, but its impact…
Reject - Social Rejection and the Science of Belonging
A scientific and solution-oriented look at the roots of bullying and violent behavior. Using brain imaging (fMRI) and a simple ball-tossing game, researchers demonstrate that the brain looks as though it is in actual physical pain when people are rejected, even when the person doing the rejecting is a total…
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Teachers accept children of all backgrounds into their classrooms, and they're delighted to do so. However, sometimes it might seem as if there just isn't any way to give all these kids what they need to excel. But don't despair! In fact, it is possible to design a curriculum which…
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