Burning the Future: Coal in America

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Burning the Future: Coal in America
Challenges the concept of "clean coal", documenting the devastating ecological, social and health impact of mountain-top removal coal mining. Every eleven and one-half days, the explosive equivalent of the Hiroshima…
Burning the Future Bonus: Coal and Energy
An examination of Coal's history as an energy source in America and it's unique role in the economy. Also discussed are the US energy grid and how Coal contributes to…
Burning the Future Bonus: Coal and Climate Change
Coal burning power plants are the largest source of greenhouse gases in the US. See how Dick Cheney's energy plan as part of the second Bush administration reversed course on…
Burning the Future Bonus: Pollution and Public Health
A look at how coal catastrophically effects our water, air, and soil, and the myriad consequences the resulting increased pollution has on the population.
Burning the Future Bonus: Democracy and Action
See how grassroots action is directly combating the threats posed by Big Coal.

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Anonymous picture

16:08, funniest section in the movie. "It's almost an artistic activity"

Yeah, sure, blowing up mountains and dropping rocks to fill the gorges you've created is artistic...

Fantastic film! A must-see for anyone studying GECs or hoping to help the environment in this trying ...Read more

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