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7 Levers to Success
Pete Williams shares a framework for driving profit: 1. traffic 2. opt ins 3. conversions 4. average item price 5. items per transaction 6. transactions per period 7. margins *…
Increasing Website Traffic
Pete Williams shares strategies for building your website traffic: * How do your customers find you? * Google Adwords * Search engine optimization * Demographic search strategies * Increasing opt-ins…
Entrepreneur Skills
What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Pete Williams shares personal experiences and skills: * What business skills are required? * Resilience * Factual & analytical vs emotional…
Taking Ideas into Business Reality
It takes skills and strategies to turn ideas into reality. Pete Williams provides insights: * Test your idea in the market * Prove market viability * Construct focus groups carefully…
Improving Profitability in Tough Times
Sadhana Smiles explains how every business must strive to improve profitability especially during a downturn: * Review financial position regularly * Understand market fluctuations * Be strategic not emotional *…
Growing a Franchise
Essential steps for growing a successful and profitable franchise from Sadhana Smiles: * Indicators of franchise growth * Branding must be right * Back end & front end systems *…
Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments
Peter Wallbridge provides personal experiences of shaping the business and culture to accommodate changes: * Enthusiasm for M&A activity * Define structure in advance * Decisions about leadership * Who…
The Value of Employee Ownership
Angela Perry explains how employee ownership can help business growth: * What is employee ownership? * Best practice * Steps towards employee ownership * Employee & employer alignment * Employee…

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Million Dollar Business Lessons Volume 1
The crash and burn of a new business. It happens to over a whopping 80% of all small businesses within only 5 years. Most of these businesses barely squeak by with any level of profit at all, and a mere fraction of them are even able to crack the $1…
In Search of Excellence
Motivate your employees to be more innovative, responsive and committed than ever before! The In Search of Excellence video is one of the best selling training programs of all time. As you watch this intriguing and inspiring program - Tom Peters and Bob Waterman are your hosts and guides for…
Management Training Series
This series of management training videos covers a range of professional development topics for the modern workplace environment.
The Language of Business
The Language of Business - improve your business skills and learn useful business vocabulary with various entrepreneurs from the UK and France.
Cultural Awareness
The Cultural Awareness training video is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for cross-cultural sensitivity training. As our world becomes increasingly global, people are increasingly likely to work with diverse people. It's up to you to provide the proper training essential for intercultural effectiveness. In this real world dramatization, you'll discover…
Accounting and Finance Clips 6: Costs and Profit
Clips explain and illustrate costs and profit using a variety of case study examples. Key Topics
  • Costs
  • Profits
  • Profit Quality
  • Working Capital
  • Depreciation
Meetings: Meeting Segments
A trigger series to practise taking minutes and notes. A program designed to develop memory and recall, learning to take notes and minutes, as well as improving writing skills. Ideal for office employees, support staff and anyone who attends a meeting and is required to take minutes. The six segments…
Win Teams: How One Company Made Empowerment Work
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
A mong the success stories of empowerment and employee involvement, few are as dramatic and inspiring as that of the Ericsson G.E. Mobile Communications plant in Lynchburg, Virginia. This video demonstrates how an employee involvement program transformed a company. The real people involved - workers, supervisors, and managers - recreate…
Accounting and Finance Clips 2: Sources Of Finance
Key Topics
  • Sources Of Finance
  • Internal v External Finance
  • Ownership
  • Start-up Capital
  • Investors
Accounting and Finance Clips 1: Accounts, Forecasting and Breakeven
Four film clips explain and illustrate key topics in finance using a variety of case study examples. Key Topics
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Accounting
  • Forecasting
  • Breakeven
Accounting and Finance Clips 4: Cash Flow and Working Capital
Key Topics
  • Cash Flow
  • Working Capital
  • Cash Deficit
  • Debt Control
How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results - With Ordinary People by Charles O'Reilly III
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
How can corporations get the most out of their employees? Charles O'Reilly challenges the prevailing wisdom that companies must chase and acquire top talent in order to remain successful. He argues that companies need to abandon the obsession with hiring highpriced stars, and instead motivate ordinary people to build a…