Buying into Brand Marketing
Shaping Your Perceptions

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Brand Marketing - Why We Eat, Drink & Wear Brand Names
Are we branded for life? Branding is a revolution in marketing as well as a shift in how we view the world. Marketers create a world in which objects have personalities. One cannot understand youth culture, marketing, or our consumer society without an in-depth exploration of the power of brand…
Marketings Four P's The Consumer Angle
Students learn the traditional four Ps of marketing strategy - Product, Place, Price and Promotion - and more importantly, how a focus consumer is at the core of them all. With pertinent examples from popular, everyday brands, students gain an understanding of how pricing strategies really work, how marketers target…
Why Ads Work: The Power of Self-Deception
The most important words in advertising are the ones you don't see or hear. Why Ads Work proposes that ads rarely lie, they merely allow plenty of room for self-deception. Ads use humor, drama, and entertainment because people being humored and entertained are not critical - they "suspend their disbelief."…
Positioning: How Advertising Shapes Perception
Contemporary advertising seldom demonstrates why one brand is superior, or constructs logical arguments to sway buyers. Advertisers today position instead of persuade. Position refers to a place the product occupies in the consumer's mind. Nobody likes to be told how to think, but few notice when told how to see.…
Persuasion In Everyday Life
Viewing Persuasion in Everyday Life is like holding a mirror up to your mind. Use it to explore five often hidden forces that shape beliefs and judgments: i) Frames; ii) Setting; iii) Filters; iv) Social Influence; and v) Belief. (Learning Seed, USA)
How The World Dresses: Clothing and Global Culture
Join us for a video tour of how the world dresses and explore the amazing diversity of clothing worldwide. Learn about ourselves by exploring everyday clothing in Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, and others. Open your clothing and fashion courses to embrace the whole world with this important new…
Color In Everyday Life
Color is a power in your life. It shapes how you dress, what you eat, your physical appearance, the rooms you live in, and how you feel. What is color and why does it pack such power? Explore the power and magic of color: * Color is the most powerful…
Packaging: The Science Of Temptation
Packages hide an army of motivators, persuaders, and decision makers. Packages are so commonplace we fail to realize their immense impact. Find that packaging doesn't merely contain new products - it creates them. Discover that for many products, the package IS the product.
Supermarkets: Aisles of Persuasion
How does a quick trip to the grocery store turn into an hour-long cart-filling spree? Teach your students how stores persuade us to buy more with strategic store layouts, tricky sale signs, and those extra big carts. Plus, get six tips to turn typical shopping habits into savvy supermarket selections.
How Clothing Is Made
Take your students behind the scenes in the garment industry. Join a film crew to visit Henry-Lee Apparel in Chicago, a family business that makes over five hundred styles a year for six brand lines. Follow each step of garment production from raw fabric to its delivery to the retail…
The Invisible Hand: Economics Of Daily Life
Economics is a study of how we use opportunities, spend time, make choices, respond to incentives, and share limited resources. Join us in this lively exploration of basic economic ideas we use everyday. Learn about cost, supply and demand, prices, profits and losses, and trade using everyday examples from making…
The Tactics of Successful Branding
What defines a brand? What rules should you follow when building your brand? How do brands create value for customers? With the insights and answers in this lecture, you'll learn how to create a brand that will connect you with consumers--and defend you from the competition.