California Typewriter
A Love Letter to a Dying Technology

California Typewriter - A Love Letter to a Dying Technology
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I really loved watching this documentary. Being a baby boomer, I learned to type in high school and used that skill in college on a typewriter to write papers and essays. All the people appearing in this film are typewriter fans of one stripe or another and all are dedicated to keeping this ...Read more

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This is probably one of the best docs I've seen this year. Enjoyed it from beginning to end, I've probably watched it four or five times. Wonderful.

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Worth watching, and listening for the cool jazz music alone.

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Wonderful film about the history of typewriters and the enduring fascination and devotion to these machines! Watched last night and dropped my Olympia DeLuxe off at California Typewriter for service this afternoon.

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I began my career as a journalist using a typewriter and now I'm still working in the field with a laptop. What's next? A typewriter?

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Excellent documentary! If there is such a thing as "practical nostalgia," California Typewriter exemplifies it.

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