A Campaign of Their Own
The 2016 Presidential Campaign of Bernie Sanders

A Campaign of Their Own - The 2016 Presidential Campaign of Bernie Sanders
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The key to the HISTORY that was captured in this film - is that it captures what the mainstream media's "telling" of the story consciously hides of the Bernie Sanders Phenomenon (his 2016 campaign and the nascent movement that has been building upon its foundation) and what the Party has done ...Read more

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Great documentary. This is definitely a great material to trigger discussions about representation in modern democracies, grassroots movements and the role of art in documenting political movements. The documentary gives a particular insight on the grassroots movement that arose around Bernie ...Read more

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And it reveals a picture nothing like the stereotypes of "Bernie Bros" and Guys Named Vladimir. This is a look into the TRUE SPIRIT that is underlying this movement and phenomenon.

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The first five minutes are interesting, then they ran out of stuff to talk about and film, so they just film volunteers doing rounds and talking about the candidate. I thought it was going to be about voter suppression.

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It wasn't about Voter Suppression. It was about the SPIRIT underlying the Bernie Sanders Phenomenon and Movement. It was about how this was not people with the first name of Vladimir or Bernie Bros or any of the FICTIONAL SMEARS designed TO "suppress" the vote (the vote FOR certain ...Read more

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