Captain Bunny
Episode 47 of Dibo the Gift Dragon

Captain Bunny
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Happy Birthday to Bunny
Episode 6 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Where have all of Bunny's friends gone?
Bunny Makes a Garden
Episode 41 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Bunny wants to make a pretty garden but she's too impatient and rushes through everything making it a mess. Her friends help out, she learns to be patient and is rewarded for it.
Easter Bunny
Episode 51 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Bunny wants to be the Easter Bunny so she can give gifts to her friends and be noticed. Problem is, Dibo tells her the Easter Bunny can never be seen when giving gifts, so she has to think of a way to give the gifts to her friends without being…
Bunny Cakes / Bunny Party / Bunny Money
Episode 8 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Bunny Cakes: Max and Ruby both make a cake for Grandma. Bunny Party: Ruby is planning a surprise party for Grandma. Bunny Money: Ruby wants to buy Grandma a birthday gift.
Ruby's Panda Prize / Ruby's Roller Skates / Ghost Bunny
Episode 4 of Max & Ruby Season 2
Ruby's Panda Prize: Ruby wants to win a plush giant panda at the annual fair. Ruby's Roller Skates: Ruby's got a new pair of roller skates and she wants to skate all the way over to Grandma's to surprise her. Ghost Bunny: The Bunny Scouts are having a jamboree, and…
Captain Snow
Episode 7 of Redwall
While Cluny plans to recapture the tapestry by burning down the Abbey gates, Matthias determines to renew his search for Martin's sword
Ruby's Pajama Party / Baby Max / Bunny Scout Brownies
Episode 7 of Max & Ruby Season 2
Ruby's Pajama Party: Ruby invites Louise and Valerie for a pajama party. Max wants to crash the party. Especially when he sees the snacks. Baby Max: Ruby and Louise decide it would be fun to pretend they have a baby. Max doesn't think it's such a good idea. Bunny Scout…
Chillesteville / Captain Crewless
Chillesteville: Chiku's skating rink-making machine is out of control. Captain Crewless: Badou regrets going on adventure alone.
Cat's Shortcut / Little Bear's Bad Day / Captain Little Bear
Episode 4 of Little Bear Season 2
Cat's Shortcut: After picking berries for Mother Bear's pie, Little Bear and Owl take a shortcut of Cat's and get lost, but Cat saves the day by showing the way home. Little Bear's Bad Day: Little Bear wakes up accident prone and discovers that the happy end to a bad…
Realizing that their lackluster fundraising efforts may bankrupt their radio network, Click and Clack use ex-Harvard professor Crusty's connections to save the day. The solution? Run for president! A visit from a local politician illuminates a loophole in campaign fundraising law that allows all excess monies raised, even in an…
Taking note of the growing trend of outsourced American labor, and bored with doing their radio show themselves, Click and Clack decide to outsource themselves. A subsequent trip to India brings them in contact with a world that actually allows them to do what they've long dreamed of - absolutely…
Boston Blackout
Things begin to look promising for Click and Clack when their most resourceful mechanic, Stash, comes up with the Wallet Vac - a robotic car-repair device intended to ease the staggering garage workload. However, in order to keep running, the Wallet Vac needs an excessive amount of electricity. After commandeering…