Career Decisions: Nursing
An Invaluable Guide to Prospective Nursing Students

Career Decisions: Nursing - An Invaluable Guide to Prospective Nursing Students
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Presenting a comprehensive guide to perspective physical therapy students, this program is designed to enable teachers and career guidance counselors a means to present a guide to choosing the physical therapy profession. Physical Therapy or PT has been a part of the American patient care experience for over a hundred…
Donated to Science - Donating Your Body to Medical School
This award winning film follows a group of medical students and their relationship with the cadavers they dissect. Throughout the film we follow a group of people who donate their bodies to the University of Otago Medical School for students to dissect. In 2006 we interviewed several people who planned…
Practising Medicine
Part of the Series: Medical Training to be a Doctor
In their clinical training the students all see and do the same things - just at different times and in different places. We dip in and out of the various students' experiences and use them as pictures to allow them all to comment. It's hard to get across the humour,…
Collaboration in Primary Care: A Professional Development Multi-Media Toolkit
These video clips presents the Primary Care Setting; providing both the tools that may be used to encourage an understanding of why and how interprofessional collaboration can assist in enhancing patient and provide satisfaction.
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A three part documentary series chronicling the history of Nursing in Australia.
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The story of how nursing began in Australia and the trials and tribulations of the early nursing sisters as they set out to provide healthcare in a vast and unforgiving land.
Bullets & Bedpans
Nurses answer the call when Australia goes to war. This is the story of Australian nurses' involvement in every major conflict from the Zululand wars to Afghanistan.
Unis & Unions
Australian nursing comes of age when nurses take on the government and the medical profession as they fight for better pay, professional respect and academic recognition.
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Following six hospice patients, SEVEN SONGS FOR A LONG LIFE leads us through our changing relationship with fatal disease--with a funny, touching, and musical lens. Thanks to innovations in medicine, one can now live for years, rather than months, after a terminal diagnosis. Coping with this uncertainty is no easy…
What Do You See? - Seeing Every Patient as an Individual
What Do You See? highlights the importance of seeing every patient as an individual, interacting with them, and treating them with compassion. This influential and moving program is critical for every organization that works with the infirm. Insights:
  • Provides insight into the mind of the aged and infirm
  • Provides…
Dysphagia: A Nursing Care Guide
A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. Nurses are involved daily in the emergency care of people who have strokes and head injuries. Later these same people and others may require nursing of a different kind if they suffer from dysphagia or swallowing difficulty. This programme outlines…
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Thanks to innovations in health and science, human beings now live longer than ever before. But at what cost? Without advanced planning, the expenses of long-term care can be overwhelming. Phyllis Shelton, a leading authority in long-term care insurance, explains the essentials Americans must consider to protect themselves, their children…