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I'm posting this to prevent more awful reviews by people who really do not understand just how genius this effort by Mike Nichols was. Suffice it to say, if you read Catch-22 and loved the book then don't see this film. Just don't do it. You're going to go into the movie thinking how in the ...Read more

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I did not read the novel. I enjoyed the crazy dialogue and situations. Hilarious! Reminded me of M.A.S.H at times.

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Although I loved the novel when I read it about 1962, I never saw the film, mostly because it was widely considered a failure. Joseph Heller once said in an interview that the novel was about business, not war. I did not see this film even as I wrote a novel (not yet published) satirizing ...Read more

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The comments section is a joke. The movie might have inspired M.A.S.H the movie but the show had a movie of the same title for its base. This movie hits the whole time. I am 70 pages into the book and I don't know how you could have done the double talk jargon any better with any stricter of ...Read more

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M*A*S*H was based on this movie. If you liked the series, watch this movie to see where it all began!

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Totally agree with comment below -- a dreadful misfire. The very black humor of Heller's novel just doesn't work at all onscreen, despite the amazing cast and terrific photography. (Love those planes.) Saw the film when it first came out and thought Arkin, Prentiss, and Balaban did a ...Read more

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I'm a huge fan of the novel & even though Mike Nichols is a great director with many classic films to his credit, this movie is a misfire. The tone is all over the place and even with a great supporting cast (Orson Welles, Buck Henry, Bob Newhart, Norman Fell, Jon Voight, Austin ...Read more

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This film is not a misfire at all. And if you're a huge fan of the novel than I would have told you from the get go to NOT SEE THIS FILM. This film, even on its own, is one of the best satirical takes on war in the movies ever done. PERIOD. To say the tone is all over the place is BS. This ...Read more

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It's kind of silly to tell someone their opinion on a piece of entertainment is WRONG. That's the beauty of art - whether its a painting, a song or a film - ten people can look at it, listen to it, watch it and have very differing opinions. You obviously love this film. That's great. As I ...Read more

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I did not say your opinion was wrong, Mark. I never even used that word. I just vehemently disagreed with your assessment of the movie, given all you said was that it was a "misfire." But you are correct. The beauty of art is subjective. What is beauty to some is lost upon others. I'm sorry ...Read more

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