Central Park
A Look at the Famous New York Landmark

Central Park - A Look at the Famous New York Landmark
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1989-not a cell phone in sight! Life before mobile devices in NYC. Thank you Frederick Wiseman for this great doc.

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There are always webcam aspects to Wiseman’s films, but even they have value, especially with the passage of time. Central Park in the 80’s is not Central Park today: no one is on a screen, yellow cabs have not been supplanted by Uber, and we are not mourning/celebrating friends and family ...Read more

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Thanks for your review! I am happy to let you know that "Ex Libris" will be available on Kanopy in early fall following its debut on PBS.

Anonymous picture

Yes Yes Yes to EX LIBRIS!

Ryan avatar

Horrendous. No point in watching this. I believe there was a time in which this may have been an entertaining, interesting, or even culturally relevant film however it has no voice today. There's these things called webcams that are all over the park and the world and you can watch this stuff ...Read more

William avatar

I object. Frederick Wiseman goes far beyond what one could see by streaming any number of webcams set up in Central Park. In "Central Park," Wiseman gains access to private meetings and delicate situations. He edits hundreds of hours of footage to reveal underlying themes and surprising ...Read more

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Frederick WIseman is the most brilliant living documentary filmmaker, and this film shows exactly why. If you don't get it, you don't get it.

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It's like someone spliced together three hours of random stock footage related to the park. Of course, it is not random, just Wiseman's rather dull view.

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