The Challenge
Wealthy Qatari Sheikhs with a Passsion for Falconry

The Challenge - Wealthy Qatari Sheikhs with a Passsion for Falconry
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Difficult to tell what the point of this 'documentary' was. Waste of time. Interesting topic, a glimpse into lifestyles far removed, but absolutely no narrative, purpose, or way to figure out what the purpose of the whole thing was. One of the falcons could have shot and edited the movie with ...Read more

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Exotic lifestyles. Impressive POV shots form falcons in flight. Where are the women?

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@David I was wondering the same thing! I asked my Egyptian friend, who while not a wealthy sheik or Qatari had some insight: he says the women are shopping in Dubai. I want to know who's doing the laundry! Such nice white clothes.

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