A Chance to Dress
The Complexity of Gender Expression

New Day Films
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A quote from Chris Bourg, Director, MIT Libraries:
This film is a powerful, generous, intimate portrait of one man's journey towards acceptance and openness as a cross-dresser. A Chance To Dress will be required viewing for many classes on gender, as it should be.

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Dr. John Southard and his wife Jean have been participating in Q & A's after screenings, and they so enrich the events. The last time, the Q & A went on longer than the film itself, and began with a few timid questions - but then the hour ended with a real in-depth conversation that ...Read more

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Joe F.

Excellent insight into the complexity of gender identity along with hearing the individual perspective as well as those of their friends and family. Personally, I thought the film brings a touching humanity to the topic.

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