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Instantly entered into the public domain because of a copyright mishap, this film subsequently been one of the most available films for every iteration of the home video experience-- Played on TV, on VHS, DVD and now on many free streaming services.

This happenstance has helped a ...Read more

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a masterpiece in every aspect.

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one of my favorite movies from the 60s Cary Grant puts on an incredible performance the plot is surprising the acting is superb all around an incredible movie

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Definitely a silly picture that could have used a tighter script with a solid fun performance from Cary Grant. Not sold on Hepburn though. I know its blasphemy to say such things but, are we sure she's a good actor??? Sorry.

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Sorry to say this film has aged badly. It suffers from several things. A weak script. The humor was banal at best. The chemistry between Cary and Audrey was lacking. I did not at all get the same feelings I did say when comparing Grant's performance in North by Northwest and his chemistry ...Read more

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A little naughty a little nice Just what i like to see in a movie. H

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Always a great film!!! Could watch it over & over..Seems they can't get right like the old noir films.

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Hepburn-Givenchy collaboration definitely steals the show...

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what a great movie, great, amazing acting, lovely costumes, lovely scenery, great story :-)

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Was so glad to find this on Kanopy after my DVD was ruined. One of my all time favorite classic movies. Audrey Hepburn's girlish charm and Cary Grant's suave demeanor never gets old!

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My heart beats faster with each outfit change for Audrey Hepburn. Must watch just to see her at her best.

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What a wonderful film!! I can't get enough of it. Audrey and Cary are too charming for words

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Yet another great Audrey Hepburn movie!

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Maybe Reggie/Audrey had unresolved daddy issues but then again has anyone else aged as charmingly as Cary Grant? (Ok, Christopher Plummer comes close.) Not the most credible script but never a dull moment!

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One of my favorite movies. Between the acting and music, all the actors, mystery, story, and being a Stanley Donan movies. It couldn't be better!

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Terrible language. Very bad translation .

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Charade gives you hope that there is still some Hollywood magic left.

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It's a weak film with a weak script and absolutely zero chemistry between Audrey and Cary.

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Yes there is, at least there was, in 1963. Today? Not so much.

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You're wrong imbucile

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Wonderful romantic chemistry between Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. This is a charming film.

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Worth watching just for the excellent lines between AH and CG. Some really witty, entertaining banter.

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In my opinion, one of the all time great comedies (with murder), plus Audrey Hepburn is not hard to look at.

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Great movie! I enjoyed every second of it.

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Fun caper

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