Chasing Madoff
Exposing the Truth Behind the Infamous Madoff Scandal

Chasing Madoff - Exposing the Truth Behind the Infamous Madoff Scandal
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The subject has been done much, much better elsewhere. This documentary spends most of its time talking about Markopolos's fear of being gunned down, with ridiculous film clips of mob hits, etc. After a while I began to wonder if this film was some kind of a spoof.

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Great topic. Mediocre documentary.

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Even now, watching this made my blood pressure go up, I'm sure. I was gobsmacked to the nth degree. Very interesting, but agonizing to watch, waiting for all their efforts to bring a result.

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Excellent documentary. If you're looking for a reason to maintain some faith in humanity, Harry Markopolos is your man.

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Very good documentary about the people who investigated and tried to blow the whistle on Madoff, which they did on their own time and because they believed it was the right thing to do.

The primary focus is on Markopolos and how investigating Madoff affected his life.

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No critical thinker can have a scintilla of sympathy for the greedy fools who gave their profits to Madoff to invest. Don't fall for their tears; shed a tear instead for their victims.

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