Chinese Take-Away
Un Cuento Chino

Chinese Take-Away - Un Cuento Chino
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I would second the motion that Ricardo Darin is indeed "Argentina;s
National Treasure"as far as film stars far , the Secret in Their
Eyes, Truman , and this film indispensable....Whatever character Darin
plays moves me like few other actors of ANY country...

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Strange but winning story.

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Great movie! Humorous, moving.

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It is an OK movie, fun at times. Watchable.

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Love your diverse international collection! But there are sometimes problems with the films. I tried watching "Visages Villages/Faces Places" (Agnès Varda & JR) on Kanopy and had to give up because the soundtrack was barely audible. I watched it instead on Netflix, where it was ...Read more

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Thanks for your comment! We've reviewed "Faces Places" on several devices but have not noticed sections with inaudible soundtrack. Do you recall if there was a particular section where you heard this occurring? Please feel free to report any issues to Read more

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