Christmas, Again

Christmas, Again
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Althea Gail

I usually give good reviews but this movie was not only slow and dry but boring.

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Um...I liked the lights, Christmas trees, and the flower. Rather odd that in NYC or Brooklyn (where ever it was supposed to be set) that no people of color were in this film? (At least President Obama got mentioned. smh) Didn't care for the story.

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Nice and warm story.

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I enjoyed this story. Good characters had a good experience.

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it's pretty bad - just wish the guys at mst3k could get a hold of this turkey.

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I loved the vulnerability yet hopefulness of Noel (the main character) and how through hard work he created and kept creating his workplace and seeking to make it better without succumbing to deep depression. Through work, he saved himself.

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Quiet, real without being gritty. Make a cup of tea, sit back, and let it unfold... :)

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I loved this movie, especially how the climax involved the two main characters just being together, in silence and appreciation. The essence of Christmas...

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A sweet story about simple lives and how people are intertwined by simple circumstances, yet have complicated stories. No big scenes that require you to turn down the volume. There's no need for lengthy explanations about what happened to each of them before they met and there's no question ...Read more

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come on now....Hallmark channel's stupid XMas movies can best this...what honestly is the point in making a film like this....and why on earth did i watch it expecting something...anything.... to "happen". Ugh!

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Yep. I agree. But, I stay away from Hallmark movies!

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Yep. I agree. But, I stay away from Hallmark movies!

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Loved it.

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Really a very boring movies. Not worth the time.

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