Chulas Fronteras

Chulas Fronteras
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Del mero corazón
A lyrical journey through the heart of Chicano culture as reflected in the love songs of the Tex-Mex Nortena music tradition. Performers include, Little Joe & La Familia, Leo Garza, Chavela Ortiz, Andres Berlanga, Ricardo Mejia, Conjunto Tamaulipas, Chavela y Brown Express and more.
Tone Poem with Hang Drum (Poema en 4 Direciones con Hang Drum)
Tone Poem with Hang Drum weaves the beautiful, original compositions of Liron Mann playing the hang drum (a fascinating instrument) with the story that his music created in the mind of the filmmaker.
A Well Spent Life
Musician Mance Lipscomb commands the screen in Blank's vivid sketch of a man some consider the greatest blues guitarist who ever lived.
Songs of the Homeland - History of Tejano Music
Filmed on location throughout Texas, Songs of the Homeland tells the story of Tejano Music. This critically acclaimed documentary features images of the past and present and includes performances and interviews with musical pioneers such as Tony de la Rosa, Valerio Longoria, Lydia Mendoza, Isidro Lopez, Sunny Ozuna, Mingo Saldivar,…
Accordion Dreams
The arrival of the European button accordion to Texas and its merging with traditional Mexican songs gave birth to an explosive new sound called conjunto. From the early pioneers to the new generation of accordionists experimenting with rock, blues, and metal, ACCORDION DREAMS captures yesterday's and today's squeezebox trailblazers. Produced…
Short Films of Les Blank I
Five short films from Les Blank Films.
Visiones: Latino Art & Culture - Episode 6
Episode six features the history of Salsa music and dance in Philadelphia, the first Mexican-American Prima Ballerina Evelyn Cisneros, Tejana music pioneer Lydia Mendoza, and the father of Chicano music and National Medal of Arts recipient, Lalo Guerrero. A segment unveils the trajectory of Salsa music includes commentary on world…
The Composing Material (Matéria de Composição) - Collaborative Artists Create Contemporary Music
A unique collaboration between filmmakers and composers in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Three composers, Guilherme Antonio Ferreira, Teodomiro Goulart and Oiliam Lanna, were given a short poetic video and asked them to compose music to the film. This film is a result of following the two-year music creation process from composition…
1.5 Stay Alive - Climate Change and Caribbean Music
The aim of international climate change policy is to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius. But scientists believe that a temperature rise of just 1.5 degrees could lead to irreversible damage to ecosystems and terrestrial and marine areas. MUSIC MEETS SCIENCE: The style of 1.5 Stay Alive is part…
J'ai ete au bal [I Went to the Dance]
The definitive film, by Les Blank and Chris Strachwitz, on the history of the toe-tapping, foot-stomping music of French Southwest Louisiana. The film includes many Cajun and Zydeco greats, featuring Michael Doucet and BeauSoleil, Clifton Chenier, Marc and Ann Savoy, D.L. Menard, and many others.
Huey Lewis and the News: Before
This film follows one of the world's top rock-and-roll bands of the 80's and a crew of fifty technicians to the Bahamas for the making of a music video for their number one hit single, "Stuck With You" for their album, "FORE!" Blank takes us behind the scenes for an…
Aloha! This gentle portrait of Auntie Irmgard Farden Aluli, one of Hawaii's best loved composers, focuses on Hawaiian women's contributions to family structure, art, music and dance. An intimate glimpse into the real culture of the islands.