A Coat of Many Colors
The Israelites in Egypt
Part of the Series: Walking the Bible

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Netanyahu at War
Part of the Series: Frontline
The inside story of the bitter clash between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Amid violence in the Middle East, the film traces Netanyahu's rise to power and his high-stakes fight with the president over Iran's nuclear program.
Inside The Taliban
Panorama gained unique access inside a Taliban stronghold just 60 miles from the Afganistan capital, Kabul, as most American, British and other NATO forces were starting their withdrawal from the country. Nagieb Khaja, who has reported from Afghanistan for ten years, makes a journey behind the Taliban front lines to…
Europe's Border Crisis: The Long Road
As Europe witnesses the dramatic movement of people across its borders, Panorama reporter John Sweeney joins thousands making the journey from the Greek island of Kos to the Austrian border with Hungary. He meets families fleeing conflict and terror in Syria, refugees separated from their loved ones, children, the old…
Israel: Facing the Future
As the Arab Spring transforms the Middle East and Iran continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions, BBC journalist John Ware visits Israel and discovers a country facing new and unprecedented threats to its very existence - from within and without. For decades, Israel has defied the enemies who have been…
From Tora Bora to Abbottabad
Part of the Series: The Hunt for Bin Laden
The death of Osama bin Laden in May this year brought the long search for the world's most wanted terrorist to a final end. It had begun well before 9/11, but that event focused both minds and resources on the mission. A special team was despatched to Afghanistan where bin…
From Khartoum to Kabul
Part of the Series: The Hunt for Bin Laden
Thirty eight minutes in Abbottabad marked the dramatic end to the hunt for a man who had eluded the world's super power for more than 15 years. Osama bin Laden's name had surfaced during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan but was of little interest to the Americans because he had…
The Hunt for Bin Laden - The inside story of America's 20 year search
When Osama Bin Laden was killed by American Special Forces on 2 May 2011, it marked the end of the longest and most expensive manhunt in American history. The 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon had brought Bin Laden to the world's attention, but the mission to hunt…
The Diaries of Yosef Nachmani - The Early Stages of Zionism
A look into the complex and contradictory personality of Yossef Nachmani, the man largely responsible for the first Zionist settlements in the Galilee. As director of the Jewish National Fund office in the Galilee, Nachmani acquired as much land from Arabs as possible to establish Jewish settlements upon it. The…
The Green Prince - An Unlikely Spy from the Israeli Resistance Movement
Set against the chaotic backdrop of recent events in the Middle East, Nadav Schirman's THE GREEN PRINCE retraces the details of a highly unprecedented partnership that developed between sworn enemies. In the style of a tense psychological thriller, this extraordinary documentary recounts the true story of the son of a…
Jihad 2.0 - ISIS, Terrorism, and Social Media
For nearly two years, an extraordinary effective terrorist propaganda has been flooding the Internet. Through an unfailing control over social networks and the mass production of ultra-violent footage enhanced by special effects and edited like rap music videos, the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) terrorists have been hammering…
Mystic Mass - Commemorating the Death of Martyr Imam Hussein
Every year, thousands of Shia gather in the town of Nabatiyyeh, Lebanon, to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, killed in battle 1,434 years ago. They proceed to very long processions, self-flagellation and self-mutilation, and reenact the martyrdom of Imam Hussein with their own blood and flesh. Mystic Mass documents…
In The Name of the Temple - Jewish Nationalistic Fundamentalism in Israel
June 1967: faced with the threat from the Arab states, Israel went to war, occupied the Sinai peninsula, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, and most significantly, East Jerusalem. For the first time in 2,000 years, Jewish soldiers trod the mount which is home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a holy…