The Cockettes
The Original Gender Revolutionaries

The Cockettes - The Original Gender Revolutionaries
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This is a wonderful documentary about people with so much imagination and wit. And a time that is long gone.

J. P.  avatar
J. P.

I saw every show the Cockettes did in the early 70's as well as their recent shows in SF. I know the remaining Cockettes and just got a card in the mail from one. When I met David Weissman, I told him that his film was my favorite film of all time. He kissed my hand and said, "Enchante".

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Fabulous, fun, creative and really worth watching.

J. P.  avatar
J. P.

I agree - a great film!

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The unabashed queerness of the Cockettes, the devotion to art and fantasy, the socialist roots, the FUN... what's not to love? This documentary of a theater troupe during the hay day of hippiedom in the Haight, has left me awash with a nostalgic glow. Of course, the ebullience of nostalgia is ...Read more

J. P.  avatar
J. P.

They ran out onto the stage at the Palace Theater following "The Nocturnal Dream Show" one night and the stoned audience went crazy!! They then appeared after every Dream Show and we loved them. I've been in touch on a daily basis with Pam, who wrote the book "Midnight at The Palace: My Life ...Read more

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Fascinating documentary about the performing troupe which, on the outskirts, included Sylvester and Divine. John Waters, Holly Woodlawn and Sylvia Miles are among the notables who are interviewed. First hand accounts of San Francisco during the Summer Of Love and the years following make you ...Read more

J. P.  avatar
J. P.

Great comment Michael! When the film "Beautiful Darling" about Candy Darling premiered in SF I interviewed Holly. RIP

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