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Weird. But weird for the sake of being weird. Didn't love the animation either. It was a "miss" for me.

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Worth every brilliant second for this short animated film!

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Beautiful and emotion animation wasn't quite enough to save a storyline that just lacked. I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm still glad I watched it. It was a great idea, just the execution left a bit to be desired. Accents were awesome (at least to this LA native.)

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Beautiful graphics and bold colors. Imaginative. Memento mori theme not too original.

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Feh. Don't waste a play credit on this.

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I am the fox; a little on-looker.

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A beautifully created, wonderfully executed film that seems to remind us - all of us, regardless of age, sex, etc. - that we can live our lives in such a way that when death comes, it comes as a friend. A very old friend.

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Can anyone please explain to me what this film is about? The meaning of this movie. What the fox represents. Why the big dark lady is his mother. Etc.

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This film is a PSA about the dangers of drinking and jaywalking. the fox represents a fox, which is pretty standard for foxes. And maybe like the world will still exist after you die, contrary to popular belief. Death is a mutha, or for some your mother will be the death of ya, but love her ...Read more

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What a beautiful and poignant little film.

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gorgeously done

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visually appealing but more so mentally, really must watch for your own opinion. I wonder if he still forgot everything anyways.. or did he remember?

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Really enjoyed this. Lovely animation with a touching story.

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Beautiful animation accompanied with outstanding music. Not only a visual but an auditory delight!

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Beautifully done and a great short, well done.

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Hauntingly beautiful.

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A dream-like short film, musing on mortality. The animation was very beautiful. A great short!

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