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So interesting, I stumbled across this movie and use to work for the bank that Joseph I. Irwin started in Columbus. The family did so many amazing things in Columbus, IN. It was sad to see the bank fail after more than 127 years in business. Did the Miller family underwrite this movie?

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Beautiful. I've figured out that reviews calling a book or movie "too slow" means it's probably going to be perfect for me -- relatable, meaningful, and moving, with no overdramatized elements there to compensate for lifeless storytelling.

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I loved this quiet film. So beautiful.

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I'm bowled over by all the positive reviews. Found this movie excruciatingly long and boring.

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You'd probably understand it better if you were an architectural buff

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Delicately Touching. Inspirational. Thought-Provoking. Congrats to all the Artists involved! Excellent job...!

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very good

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Quite slow, but I made it through the whole movie. It's more emotional than dramatic. Good movie.

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A lovely film. With an artist's eye for symmetry and a poet's awareness of what binds us together in the human family. What a refreshing find!

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Never heard of this movie till today. How did I miss this release? Beautiful, emotional film. Super Haley Lu Richardson. Awesome cinematography, great calmness in this film Watch it!

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Made it through about 10 minutes.

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For me, Columbus is, in part, a meditative celebration of the role of architecture in our lives. The filmmakers ingeniously incorporate all the characters into the setting, employing the human form not only as movable figures within design but also as design elements themselves, melding the ...Read more

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What a gem. Loved this movie so much, on every level.

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Richardson was wonderful.. And always great when Parker Posey pops up unexpectedly ;-) Very thoughtful and beautiful movie that I'll likely watch again. A love song to Columbus.....

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Exquisite in every way.

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Just the right mood piece. Had my heart and blood pressure performing the way they should. Lovely movie. Thank you., Love the lead girl's face. Perfect casting.

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This was one of my favorite movies of 2017. I hope Kogonada goes on to do more features because this was a superb debut.

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slow building and a bit sad but a sweet movie.

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