Coming Out

Coming Out
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Steve, I agree completely. It is a total mis-fire. I tried, and I thought maybe it was justed out-dated, but it was bad film making.

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an incoherent mess. continuity and motivation are totally unclear. one scene shows Phillip bumping into a fellow teacher, the next scene shows them dancing in a club, the next scene shows them living together. no dialogue exploring their thoughts. and so on. but it was interesting to see ...Read more

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A 5* star film! I enjoyed it.

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Wonderful, thoughtful, deeply insightful film with great truths to tell. I can't say whether love at first sight is more truthful than any other sort of love, but Philipp experiences the flame of love full force, and his tragedy is his inability to grasp his chance to create a relationship. ...Read more

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This film is really engaging, mainly as a cultural artifact from the final days of East Germany, showing so many fascinating aspects of the culture that was soon to be destroyed -- cars, buses, businesses, schools, standing in line for something, not sure what it is, and of course LGBTQ life, ...Read more

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As sad as they are, I don't think the ending scenes are unfortunate at all, because Philipp has finally achieved a complete adult identity, including a mature understanding and acceptance of his true sexuality, with all of its consequences. The consequences are unfortunate, it's true. But ...Read more

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I do not think you would have seen a film with this topic during the 1980s in the "free and capitalistic West." It's even more amazing it was made in East Germany, since the DDR was one of the "most communist" of communist European countries during this time, and apparently more "open ...Read more

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Well done. Brave little film for 1989.

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A wonderfully touching film about unrequited love & how society's homophobia has damaged so many lives. 5 stars!

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Believable and truthful story telling. These themes are still true across the world in many communities. Wonderful to see just how East Berlin was before the wall came down and how things have come so far in the now vibrant United Berlin and wider Germany. Solid acting, somewhat clunky timing ...Read more

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This is indeed a heartbreaking film. Only 30 years ago and it seems like another world that Philip inhabits, one of judgement and fear. Reminds me of the vintage opening shots of the film Milk where police are raiding gay bars.. A dated film, but a fascinating look at East Germany just ...Read more

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By the end of the film, Philipp is in a much better position to find the relationship he yearns for, because he's finally resolved the question of his sexual identity, as well as the question of who he is in the world of work (a teacher!) and in the world of morals (a fighter for the ...Read more

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This movie is heartbreaking. It kinda takes a while to get going, the ending is unsatisfying, the opening scene is awful and it's never clear where it fits into the timeline. Still, you really feel for the characters and the scenes between Mathias and Philipp are really sweet.

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The opening scene doesn't have to fit into the timeline of the narrative. It's a prologue that sets the theme: a gay identity may be excruciatingly difficult to accept, but it's no reason for despair. The difficulty arises not from a personal fault or deficiency but from an insidious social ...Read more

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I think that you are over thinking and over analyzing this film. It is simply a situation where one misses out on love because he is not really ready to accept who he is at the time the teacher meets Mathias. The ending is quite unclear. Does he lose his teaching job? Does he care? ...Read more

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