Coming Out

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Believable and truthful story telling. These themes are still true across the world in many communities. Wonderful to see just how East Berlin was before the wall came down and how things have come so far in the now vibrant United Berlin and wider Germany. Solid acting, somewhat clunky timing ...Read more

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This is indeed a heartbreaking film. Only 30 years ago and it seems like another world that Philip inhabits, one of judgement and fear. Reminds me of the vintage opening shots of the film Milk where police are raiding gay bars.. A dated film, but a fascinating look at East Germany just ...Read more

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This movie is heartbreaking. It kinda takes a while to get going, the ending is unsatisfying, the opening scene is awful and it's never clear where it fits into the timeline. Still, you really feel for the characters and the scenes between Mathias and Philipp are really sweet.

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