Communication In A Wired World: Be Smart Be Safe

Communication In A Wired World: Be Smart Be Safe
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21 induction video topics on OHS training. These short toolbox style induction videos are used in 100s of Australian companies - big and small - you are making a great choice.
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A manual handling training program produced specifically for the healthcare industry. This series covers a range of areas including catering, non-clinical, sterilisation, peri-operative, resident handling and patient handling.
Staying Safe Online: Digital Footprint
Your digital footprint is the data trace left by your activity in a digital environment, whether on the Internet, buying something with a credit card, or using a mobile phone. Like everything on the web, digital data cannot be washed away - it remains forever, a permanent footprint. Discover how…
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This is a 5 video playlist on saftey in various work fields.
Valuing Diversity Multi-cultural Communication
We often feel uncomfortable dealing with people who are different. Who is "different?" People from other cultures or social classes, other generations, or people with physical disabilities. This program shows how to overcome this communication barrier.
Communicating With Tact, Candor & Credibility
This program demonstrates how to use diplomacy to successfully communicate with co-workers, team members, and supervisors. Learn how to understand different conversational roles: the escape artist, the judge, the scientist, the beggar, the commander. Communicating With Tact, Candor and Credibility covers topics including: rephrasing: making "talking points" tactfully; what to…
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An animated series developed by psychologist Eve Ash to help people get motivated. Learn how to create a positive mindset for work and improve your productivity and service attitudes. Find out about the Negative Land of W, the negative mood monster and negative scripts and how they keep you stuck.…
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Show your students why courtesy and respect really matter to their lives. This program introduces students to key concepts in the context of entertaining scenarios that viewers can consider, judge, role play, and reflect on. We discuss the consequences of alternative behaviours and give viewers an opportunity to engage in…
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Work Place Excellence: Open Communication & Teamwork
Learn how to communicate effectively to achieve best results:
  • Promote open and honest communication
  • Share information, not gossip
  • Build collaborative relationships
  • Resolve conflict productively
  • Create a warm welcome
Non Verbal Communication
Looks at the impact of body language, the pitch and tone of our voice as well as first impressions.
Working Without A Script - Good Communication with Keegan-Michael Key
Hosted by Keegan-Michael Key, TV personality and Second City alum, along with a talented ensemble cast, Working Without A Script emphasizes that good communication starts with a 'yes, and' philosophy. 'Yes, and' means embracing and building upon new ideas. It fosters open mindedness and empowers people to think on their…