Competent Care In a Culturally Diverse Nation

NEVCO Education
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Cultural Diversity In Health Care
Learn how to respectfully care for a diverse clientele by understanding their cultural differences. This program provides practical and effective methods of recognizing and dealing with the special needs of different cultures by adapting care techniques to the preferences of a diverse clientele including: ethical and religious beliefs, values and…
This program helps develop competence in dealing with mental health needs of clients. Part I of this program provides ideas and techniques to recognize depression and ways to motivate the depressed client. Part II provides tools for health care assistants to use in coping and motivating themselves when caring for…
Geriatric Care Manager as a Resource Expert
Discover research, evaluation & networking methods to develop a database of resources. Learn what every Geriatric Care Manager needs to know about Medicare & Medicaid. Understand how to ensure you are recommending the right service for each client's unique situation.
Risk Management For The Health Care Assistant And The Client
Day-to-day routines in health care often involve issues in risk management. This program will provide your assistants with an understanding of their role and responsibility in recognizing, reporting and addressing risks in the different health care settings.
Cardiovascular Care For Assistants - (Cardiovascular Series)
This program emphasises the aspects of care required by health care assistants for clients/residents who have various cardiovascular conditions and the knowledge needed to safely and competently care for these clients.
Nevco Collection
NEVCO Education, a leader in healthcare continuing education, produces films to improve the quality of care by enhancing the effectiveness of medical providers, and improve the economic success of organizations by advancing the efficiency and reliability of the training process.
Successfully Relocating Clients
Discover how to determine levels of care, facility types, differences, & best practices when moving a client. Understand the important GCM expertise needed by facility bound clients, such as efficient review of medical charts and the art of facilitating a care plan meeting.
Fall Prevention
Prevention of falls should be a focus in your facility. Two-thirds of seniors who have fallen will have a repeat fall within six months. The focus on preventative action needs to be centered on awareness of conditions that predispose a person to fall. This program provides practical guidelines to identify…
Assessing Needs in Health Promotion
A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. This program presents the two-stage model of community health needs assessments outlined by Hawe, Degeling and Hall (1990) in their text "Evaluating Health Promotion". Using a variety of case studies, the program explores each of the steps presented in this…
And Thou Shalt Honor Complete Collection
Did you know that today, we have more parents to care for than children? Eldercare has replaced childcare as a leading healthcare issue. The groundbreaking PBS series And Thou Shalt Honor brings to light the challenges facing today's caregivers. The struggles and rewards of caregiving are given equal treatment in…
In SicknessĀ andĀ In Health
Unexpected illness can strike a family at any time. In this video, three different families share their insights and pain on caring for and living with a major illness. George and Nancy Mairs circular care for one another has seen them through thirty years of illness, encompassing Nancy's MS and…
Wound Management And Staging Pressure Area
Pressure areas can develop in any setting whether it is acute care, long term care or home health. It becomes a vital part of every health care provider's daily care to know what a pressure area is, how it can happen and how to prevent it. This two part program…