Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Composed - Overcoming Performance Anxiety
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Got a weird sense of like, rampant substance abuse in the musical community after watching this, which, I don't know that's as large of an issue as they make it out to seem in this film? At least not that I've seen at my campus. The first third of this film was really good, and I was ...Read more

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Interesting topic but the gender bias was intolerable. So many men. So few women.

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Watch the credits at the end. It may be the best part of the film.

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John Beder

Composed is the film I always wish existed as a young classical musician growing up in Boston. Taught to believe that stage fright was a sign of weakness I struggled to understand this fear and ultimately left music to pursue filmmaking. It'd take years to find the right topic but felt ...Read more

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This wonderful documentary helped shed light on a subject that is not often talked about. Performance anxiety is usually considered a personal struggle, but I believe most musicians could relate to the stories that were shared in the movie. Any professional musician who's struggled with ...Read more

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I needed this. Thank you. Going to share it with fellow musicians.

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Thoughtful, well-paced. Important topic that is sensitively addressed with multiple perspectives.

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