Comprehensive Care Plan Development

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Developing and Monitoring an Effective Care Team
Learn how to get the most of in-home and facility based care providers, including strategies to lead care team and professional advisor meetings. Develop strategies and learn best practice techniques to facilitate the client outcomes you are expecting. Learn to do more than monitor care - enhance it! Develop teams…
Cardiovascular Nursing (Cardiovascular Series)
Whether in the acute care setting, long term care or the home, a good cardiovascular assessment will direct the client's outcome. This program will provide your staff with a comprehensive review of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system and major cardiovascular diseases.
Advanced Care Planning
An Advance Care Plan (ACP) is a legal document that you create to ensure that your wishes for your end of life are made clear and adhered to. An ACP is a good document to have whether you are sick or well. It becomes a crucial document once you are…
Nevco Collection
NEVCO Education, a leader in healthcare continuing education, produces films to improve the quality of care by enhancing the effectiveness of medical providers, and improve the economic success of organizations by advancing the efficiency and reliability of the training process.
Communicating Your Value to Develop Long-Term Clients
Develop skills and techniques to cultivate clients through effective communication that demonstrates your value. You will learn to enhance verbal and written communication skills and document to avoid liability. Finally learn to cultivate clients towards a long-term care management relationship.
Successfully Relocating Clients
Discover how to determine levels of care, facility types, differences, & best practices when moving a client. Understand the important GCM expertise needed by facility bound clients, such as efficient review of medical charts and the art of facilitating a care plan meeting.
I'm Still Here - Caring for People with Dementia
This is an educational program specifically produced to assist nursing care staff in understanding and caring for people with dementia. Supported by comprehensive notes the program analyses the changes that occur within the body and helps to explain how to communicate with people with altered behaviour. Dementia is an illness…
Head to Toe Assessment (Basic Head-To-Toe Assessment With Geriatric Focus)
A thorough physical assessment is necessary for all clients whether in long term care, acute care or home health. Our focus is to take the professional through a comprehensive physical assessment, divided into upper body and lower body components. Includes proper documentation guidelines.
Oral Assessment and Dental Diseases In The Elderly
Oral health and hygiene are a vital part of care for each elderly client. This program will provide you with the necessary procedures for completing an oral exam and will discuss specific conditions and diseases of the mouth. Learn how to recognize and manage these oral issues
Wound Management And Staging Pressure Area
Pressure areas can develop in any setting whether it is acute care, long term care or home health. It becomes a vital part of every health care provider's daily care to know what a pressure area is, how it can happen and how to prevent it. This two part program…
Billing Services and Organizational Skills
Organization is paramount to successful care management; learn proven skills; prioritization methods and more. Learn from an expert how to increase billable time and decrease non-billable time. And finally discover organizational skills to keep a GCM on track to proactively and efficiently serve clients.
Geriatric Care Manager as a Resource Expert
Discover research, evaluation & networking methods to develop a database of resources. Learn what every Geriatric Care Manager needs to know about Medicare & Medicaid. Understand how to ensure you are recommending the right service for each client's unique situation.