The Coolbaroo Club

The Coolbaroo Club
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‘The Coolbaroo Club’ documentary produced twenty-three years ago is notable for the too often hidden talents of Nyungar people shown by the collection of excellent interviews included. They demonstrate a deep understanding of social and racial history in Perth in the 1940’s and 1950’s. A ...Read more

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The Coolbaroo Club was the only Aboriginal dance club ran in Perth without harassment from the police. This film focuses on Aboriginal people who made frequent visits there or helped run the club. The directors use interviews with these Aboriginal people to create a story of Perth’s past, ...Read more

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Set in the mid-20th Century, The Coolbaroo Club introduces the great struggles and triumphs of post-WWII Aboriginal life in Perth. Director Roger Scholes deserves praise for this unique and ground-breaking film as he had been unequivocal in his recreation of Coolbaroo scenes complimented by ...Read more

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Escaping oppression during the late 1940s proved to be challenging for Aboriginal people in Australia. The consequences of the Australian government policies in the late 1940s had subjected Aboriginal people to further degradation; Stolen Generation, ‘Prohibited Areas’ act, lack of basic ...Read more

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The Coolbaroo Club takes the audience back through the delicate social environment of post WWII Perth; highlighting the treatment of Indigenous people, their lifestyle and their efforts to gain a sense of independence and belonging in a world that rejects them. The film makes use of a series ...Read more

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