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Wake up, movies over.

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John Michael

I watched this movie because a friend told me to, and it sucks ass. It's supposed to be an anticapitalist film, but it was written by somebody who knows very little about capitalism and what specifically is wrong with it, and it shows. In fact this makes it a fascinating pathological artifact ...Read more

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Best. Review. Ever. Thank you.

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Terrible. Wasted a play credit. Oops.

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i keep falling asleep. Moving on.

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Cronenberg's best. One of the most deliberately unwatchable things I've seen, to a hilarious and spellbinding extent. Cronenberg's New Flesh in the noncoporeal age of the Cloud, where communication has devolved into blandly expository gibberish as people have forgotten every other way (not a ...Read more

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Hilarious satire. Highly recommended if you hate Elon Musk and don't have an atrophied attention span.

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Maybe you have to be both high and drunk to enjoy this, but holy cow this was a waste of time. Asymmetrical prostate? Probably supposed to be a statement on capitalism and the extreme wealth detracting from humanity but I genuinely wont ever think of this movie ever again.

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Iya Oyun Oyeku Meji

I can smell the "sexual discharge" from this film and it stinks.

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Was I supposed to enjoy this crap in any way?

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Couldn't make it past 15 minutes.

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