Crazy About Tiffany's
An Inside Look at the Most Iconic Jeweler in the World

Crazy About Tiffany's - An Inside Look at the Most Iconic Jeweler in the World
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I'm as tickled by sparkly, well designed jewelry as the next person, but this film made me queasy. It was impossible to enjoy; most of the people interviewed were shallow with nothing important to add, with the dreadful twins taking the prize of most revolting tweens.

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Kara Rae and Michelle: My main objection to this film and so many other documentaries today is the tendency to point a camera at a bunch of people show them talking about a subject rather showing the subject itself. Here, we see people, famous and not so famous, talking all about Tiffany's ...Read more

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Having lived down the block from Tiffany's for 19 years, I wanted to learn more about the history of the company and its craftsmanship. Unfortunately, the focus of this film was on today's obsession with celebrities and those who style or follow them. I also agree that the loud music and ...Read more

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Thunderously loud music, lots of talking heads, movie clips, children playing with dolls, celebrities, a cornucopia of pop culture trash. If you don't blink, you just might get a little glimpse of Tiffany's.

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Kara Rae

I hope you are not referencing the band "The Talking Heads," on the other hand, I completely understand how people who really identify with flashy objects could be considered a bunch of "talking heads." I'm usually nervous to watch films like this, especially when they are described as ...Read more

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Thanks for writing! I love The Talking Heads! I posted another comment (above) you might wish to read. I am annoyed about so many documentaries and docudramas that focus on all sorts of peripheral issues rather than the subject itself. I don't care if the "talking heads" are famous or ...Read more

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Excellent and entertaining. Enjoy!

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