Creating Successful Relationships 1
Part of the Series: Alternative Health Series

Creating Successful Relationships 1
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Alzheimer's: A Love Story - Dealing with Alzheimer's in a Relationship
A moving short documentary on the power of love through all obstacles, Alzheimer's: A Love Story beautifully captures one couple's intimate struggle with a disease that indiscriminately impacts millions of elders. Those diagnosed live an average of eight years after their symptoms first become noticeable. It has been 11 years…
Big Bad Love - The Signs of Abusive and Violent Relationships
Comedian Becky Lucas jokes about taboo subjects. When she realized her best childhood friend had suffered years of horrific domestic violence, Becky became determined to bring the subject out into the open. Becky had suspected something might be wrong with her friend but did nothing, and still feels a deep…
Speaking with jaw-dropping honesty and eyebrow-raising descriptions, nine swingers leave no question unanswered, with no detail off limits. This episode of You Can't Ask That is a swinging romp... without the clean-up.
Creating Successful Relationships 2
Part of the Series: Alternative Health Series
Imagine walking into a room and feeling totally confident about meeting and talking with new people. You listen and understand another person's point of view easily, and speak your mind without the fear of creating an argument. You love to be with people and they love to be with you.…
Autism In Love
A clever and dapper man in his 50s with Autism Spectrum Disorder, finds self-acceptance, a unique ability to fit into his neurotypical world and unconditional love. Though R.V. Kuser has learned to mask the many limitations of his disability and function successfully in our neurotypical world, his triumph comes at…
Victimization and Growth: Social Issues
Part of the Series: Social Issues
Our panel and our experts explore why becoming a true human services professional depends so heavily on understanding the people we encounter. We explore how victimization has influenced who they have become, "why" and "how" they became that way, and how best we can serve them. The integrative model forms…
Social Issues
Social Issues: A Collection
Disability Awareness
This is not a program ABOUT people with disabilities, it is about communicating with and relating to people. When you see someone who is paralyzed, unable to hear or speak, or unable to see, how do you react? Pity? Discomfort? Your reactions influence your ability to communicate. (Learning Seed, USA)
Myth of the Perfect Body
The art of self acceptance... Most females and an inceasing number of males dislike their bodies. Most have one or more body parts from thighs to eyes, or ears to rears they would like to change. Mass media teach that looking good and being happy go together. This video counters…
Dina - A Real Life Unconventional Romantic Comedy
In this 2017 Sundance and IDA award-winning film, Dina, an eccentric and outspoken 49-year-old in suburban Philadelphia, invites her fiance Scott, a Walmart door greeter, to move in with her. Having grown up neurologically diverse in a world blind to the value of their experience, the two are head-over-heels for…
Client Relations: Effective Communication Skills - Keys to Better Patient Communication
Providing effective cummunication with patients and families ensures a trusting relationship and a better patient experience.
Sensitive - The Untold Story - A Film About the Innate Trait of High Sensitivity
Are you "too shy" or "too sensitive" according to others? Do you have a keen imagination and vivid dreams? Is time alone each day as essential to you as food and water? Do noise and confusion quickly overwhelm you? Did you have meltdowns and tantrums as a child? If your…