Crisis Management Mastery Series

Seven Dimensions
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Crisis Management Strategy Planning
Ross Campbell says you must identify and manage serious risk: * Identify threats in advance * Consider worst case scenarios * Top team to take control * Communicate so employees…
Managing Crises and Brand Damage
Plan and train for worst-case scenarios says Ross Campbell: * Crises get out of control very fast * Losing control to government authorities * Crises & business failure * Planning…
The Power of Checklists in Crisis Management
Effective checklists for before, during and after are critical says crisis management expert, Ross Campbell: * Prepare checklists before a crisis * Take advice on response message strategy * Checklists…
Running an Effective Crisis Simulation
Ross Campbell shares his experiences of creating and facilitating crisis scenario training: * Rehearse a crisis scenario * Realistic rehearsals with real interactions * Debriefing & learning * Measuring, evaluating…
Achieving Best Practice in Crisis Management
Ross Campbell shares powerful lessons learned from unfolding crises: * Choose a crisis management specialist * Ensure a reliable communications system * Anticipate a domino effect * Include a rest…

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  • Why you need to embrace your failures and keep…
Strategic Decision Making - With David Demarest
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  • How the seeds of failure or success are sown at the start.
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Leadership and Management
Key Topics
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Autocratic Managers
  • Democratic Managers
  • Laissez-Faire Managers
  • Paternalistic Managers
  • Theory X And Y Managers
What's the difference between a leader and a manager? What kinds of managers are there? What are the problems of managing in the real world?