Dance for Camera 2
Seven Dance Films from Around the World

Dance for Camera 2 - Seven Dance Films from Around the World
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Motion Control
A superb cinematic experiment that explores the private reality of a glamorous and aging dancer. A bizarre journey of entrapment.
Considered a dance film classic, this solo turns an ordinary boy into a superhero, as he moves with stealth and grace through a dramatic coastal landscape manipulating it and conjuring…
One man's pit stop on the road of life, where he pauses to rest and contemplate whether to continue the journey.
Case Studies from the Groat Center for Sleep Disorders
A faux-scientific investigation of ASDICT (Adult Sleep Disorder Induced by Childhood Trauma). We are privileged to glimpse rare archival footage from the renowned (but fictitious) Groat Center for Sleep Disorders.
Horses Never Lie
This sensual film delves into the mythic concept of metamorphosis: issues of birth, development, and renewal are ignited through movement.
The Duchess
An adaptation of a Butoh Dance / Action Theater work. The film is a psychological portrait of a lonely and demented aristocrat possessed with long repressed memories and conjured demons.
A couple's intimate dance in the bedroom is interrupted by a sudden and unexpected burst water pipe. The water may be cool, but this couple burns up the screen.

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