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Seven Dance Films from Around the World

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Motion Control
A superb cinematic experiment that explores the private reality of a glamorous and aging dancer. A bizarre journey of entrapment.
Considered a dance film classic, this solo turns an ordinary boy into a superhero, as he moves with stealth and grace through a dramatic coastal landscape manipulating it and conjuring…
One man's pit stop on the road of life, where he pauses to rest and contemplate whether to continue the journey.
Case Studies from the Groat Center for Sleep Disorders
A faux-scientific investigation of ASDICT (Adult Sleep Disorder Induced by Childhood Trauma). We are privileged to glimpse rare archival footage from the renowned (but fictitious) Groat Center for Sleep Disorders.
Horses Never Lie
This sensual film delves into the mythic concept of metamorphosis: issues of birth, development, and renewal are ignited through movement.
The Duchess
An adaptation of a Butoh Dance / Action Theater work. The film is a psychological portrait of a lonely and demented aristocrat possessed with long repressed memories and conjured demons.
A couple's intimate dance in the bedroom is interrupted by a sudden and unexpected burst water pipe. The water may be cool, but this couple burns up the screen.

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Dance for Camera - Six Dance Films from Around the World
Dance for Camera presents six films that are among the most outstanding examples of a new film genre that merges dance and film. Selected from festivals in Europe and North America, and winners of over 17 international awards, these films present an array of humor, drama, beauty and rhythm not…
Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance
With beautiful sights and sounds, this series provides a rare glimpse into Chinese culture through the introduction of seven representative dance forms. It traces the historical and geographical roots of the dance traditions in China and looks into what inspires people to create dance, how contemporary artists breathe new life…
Positive Motion
This powerful documentary follows a unique HIV/AIDS dance group in San Francisco led by pioneering dancer Anna Halprin. It shows a group of men with AIDS or HIV-infection using their condition as a resource for creative expression. The video is a collage of seven months of the group's emotionally-charged workshops,…
7 Colours
In 7 Colours, choreographers Stephen Page from the Aboriginal and Island Dance Theatre and Victoria Taylor from the Sydney Dance Company come together to create an innovative short dance film. In a series of seven colourful sequences, using kaleidoscopic lighting effects and fluid body movements, we see how the dancers…
Never Stand Still: Dancing at Jacob's Pillow
Legendary dancers and choreographers Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Suzanne Farrell, Mark Morris, Judith Jamison and Bill Irwin appear alongside new innovators to reveal the passion, discipline, and daring of the world of dance in Never Stand Still. Filmed at the iconic Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, this thrilling documentary features amazing…
Seasons of Migration
Seasons of Migration (56 min) is a documentary about Sophilene Cheam Shapiro's four part classical Cambodian dance about the stages of culture shock. It blends the dance with commentary about the music and choreography, and personal stories of emigration and culture shock from Cambodian-American residents of Long Beach, California (the…
Returning Home
The body is our home, as is the larger body of the earth. When these two bodies move in harmony, a dance unfolds. Both are made whole. RETURNING HOME is a breathtaking and groundbreaking dance documentary in which 80-something Anna Halprin, pioneer of postmodern dance, uses movement as a means…
Speaking of Dance: Trisha Brown
Trisha Brown has been hailed as "one of the true great experimentalists in modern dance." Ms. Brown began her career in New York City as a member of Judson Dance Theater. Since forming her own company in 1971, she has received major commissions from foundations and festivals around the world.…
John Bishop Short Films
DOCUMENTARY RED TOP SNUFF (shot 1975, edited 1999) (8:43) (co-produced with Barbara Ayres; Noah Bishop editor) Ben Pearson's family has been milling on the Parker River in Massachusetts since colonial times and began grinding snuff when the industrial revolution brought textile mills to the Merrimack Valley. The Byfield Snuff Company…
Lockhart Festival
This film presents atmospheric and visually dramatic impressions of a four-day dance festival organised by the Aboriginal community of Lockhart River, on the far north Queensland coast. Over 100 dancers from 8 tribal groups fly into Lockhart by light aircraft from as far afield as Groote Eylandt in north-eastern Arnhem…
Ai-Amour, Carlotta Ikeda and Her Butoh
This film, directed by Kamal Musale and shot in locations around Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and France is a documentary of the work of choreographer Carlotta Ikeda and her collaboration with dancer Ko Murobushi and the Ariadone Company. With strong images and a bold soundtrack, this film takes the viewer through…