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FANTASTIC movie! I never knew about this. I agree with another reviewer that this movie should be made a part of all HS curriculum!

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I cried and got angry and shouted at the computer screen and again and again all throughout this movie. I used to live in England when this neo-Nazi sympathizer masquerading as a historian (with no degree, let alone a PhD to his name) was often in the news. I watched a Channel 4 documentary ...Read more

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Terrific. A deeply complicated legal case, argued before a British judge and rules different than defendant's home, brought to life beautifully and dramatically.

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If this subject interests you, check out QB VII by Leon Uris.

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Terrific cast. Interesting, captivating movie.

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Thank you Mary every bit of information helps and I appreciate your feedback.

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Really liked this film. Important subject. Great dialogue. Trial suspense. Thought provoking. Well acted.

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I read the book this movie is based on and you might enjoy reading it too. DENIAL, by Deborah LIpstadt

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Excellent movie!

Award winning movie!

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So well done ! Should be part of History Curriculum in HS.
Huge 'kudos' to all the actors and 'BRAVO!' for taking it on.
Special deep acknowledgment to Ms Lipstadt and the actual legal staff.

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No matter what the history, this is an underrated film. The plotting, writing, directing and performances were top notch. I enjoyed it because it was an intelligent and nuanced exploration of how differently individuals (including victims) deal with oppression--even perceived oppression as in ...Read more

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Irving would have been on much firmer historical grounds had he devoted his career to exposing the collaboration between the Zionists and the Nazis, as Ben Hecht did in "Perfidy"-- which details the events surrounding the Rudolf Kastner trial--and as Brenner did in "Zionism in the Age of the ...Read more

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Hecht's account, in the years since its publication, has been shown to have non-historical and fabricated information that was included for purposes of discrediting Ben Gurion and the Labor government in Israel.. In other words, no Zionist collusion.

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