Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 4
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila

Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 4
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Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 1
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
4 bush bachelors sign up for a dating initiative in the hope of finding the woman of their dreams. Over a weekend in Perth, the guys meet a bevy of beautiful British and Aussie women before finally pairing off.
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 2
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
The guys take their respective 'sheilas' back to the bush at the start of a 3 week stay. Nicola is put to work on Ashley's farm and surprises him when she takes to farm duties like a duck to water. Enigmatic bachelor boy Pankaj gets off to a bad start…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 3
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
Love birds Ian and Katy remain head over heels but the honeymoon is over for some. Nicola is finding Ashley's bachelor ways trying and Pankaj and Nicky got off to a bumpy start.
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 5
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
Debs brings out the best in Ashley as explore why they are both still single. Mike and Ali go bush on a camping trip and reveal that their slow burn romance is coming to a head.
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 6
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
The mystery surrounding enigmatic bachelor Pankaj is revealed. Nicky finally learns the truth about his life. Feathers fly with lovebirds Ian and Katy as they prepare for a big community party at which they plan to make a big announcement, whilst Mike and Ali look to their future together.
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 7
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
Meet 2 more bush bachelors desperate to find a mate. 37 Year old divorcee Kenton runs a backpackers hostel in Kununurra, Western Australia. Well traveled and charismatic, he's looking for an adventurous woman to share his life. With boyish dimples and charm, 20 year old Trevor is a cray fishing…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 8
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
London socialite and artist Georgea is given another chance at falling in love with a bush bachelor. 39 year old cowboy Shane has got just the right credentials. Good looks, wealth and a love of horses. He takes Georgea back to his beef farm in Wanderin and treats her to…
Desperately Seeking Sheila
Desperately Seeking Sheila plays cupid and intervenes. Desperately Seeking Sheila follows four lonely heart bush bachelors as they sign up for a match making initiative in order to date and share their lives with girls who are prepared to give up urban comfort for love in the outback. Each bachelor…
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