Despite The Gods
Jennifer Lynch Returns to Filmmaking

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The Year In Fashion: Volume 2003
Part of the Series: The Year In Fashion Collection
In 2003 the classic Louis Vuitton monogram exploded in cartoon colors creating accessory lust worldwide. While most fashion designers celebrate the beauty of woman, the Metropolitan Museum took it a step further with an exhibit worshipping the Goddess. Master showman John Galliano proved himself again with a vibrant Bollywood spectacle.…
Etruscan Gods and Goddesses
Shift your attention from the afterlife to survey Etruscan gods and goddesses. Learn about their pantheon and see how their deities compare to Greek and Roman gods, and consider what these deities indicate about the Etruscan worldview. See how collective action among the deities mirrored the culture's government, family life,…
Epic Literature: Ramayana
Episode 6 of A History of India
Delve into the first Indian epic: the Ramayana, which is a poem, a love story, a morality tale, and much more. Discover the story of Prince Rama, his faithful wife, Sita, and the gods that control their lives. It is also an important source for many of the historical details…
Botticelli's Calumny of Apelles
Italy was indisputably the cradle of Renaissance civilization, and Sandro Botticelli was one of her greatest artists. During the early part of his long career he was a painter of religious frescoes; in the mid-1480s he attempted a new concept in the painting of women, personifying the Goddess of Love…
New Tribes Mission
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
The mission in Bisaasi-teri has a style and orientation quite different from the Salesian mission shown in Ocamo is My Town. The New Tribes Mission has been in this region since the early 1950s. Their main goal, the missionary-teacher in the film explains, is spiritual: to bring the message of…
Humans as Gods in the Greco-Roman World
Part of the Series: How Jesus Became God
Delve further into the interface between the human and the divine in pagan cultures. Examine narratives describing people born of the sexual union of gods with mortals, highlighting examples such as Alexander the Great. In the Roman and Egyptian worlds, look at cases of humans who were exalted to the…
Singing Pictures
For generations, Patua (Chitrakar) communities of West Bengal, India have been painters and singers of stories depicted in scrolls. The Patuas tell the stories of Muslim saints (pirs and fakirs) as well as Hindu Gods and Goddesses, and offer devotion to saints at Muslim shrines. In the past they used…
The Great Indian Epics
Get inside Indian culture with this lecture on its two great epics: the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Both are frame narratives that bring together hundreds of smaller stories. Both help establish Vishnu's importance among other Hindu gods. And both have had a lasting effect on Indian spirituality, politics, and literature.
Mythology: Gods And Goddesses
This program provides an informative and memorable introduction, lavishly illustrated with photographs, reproductions and original art. The program introduces the "senior" gods and goddesses and then focuses on the "second generation" of Olympians: Athena, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Apollo, Ares, Hermes and Dionysus.
Close Encounters with African Divinities
Lesser divinities are often heavily involved in human affairs. The interactions between African gods and mortals express many different ideas about the relationship between mortal life and the divine. Examine the stories of Mregho and Ruwa, Miseke and Thunder, goddesses and mortals, and how Tricksters get involved in mortal relationships.
Japanese Tales of Purity and Defilement
Prepare yourself for stories of decaying goddesses, befouled maidens from the underworld, deities emerging from a parent's dirty nostrils, and the contamination of the gods' most sacred spaces with divine excrement. The mythology of this culture, which prizes purity and has strong pollution taboos, is not for the squeamish.
Mount Nemrud: The Throne of the Gods
Located in one of the most remote areas of Eastern Turkey and considered the eighth wonder of the ancient world, Mount Nemrud has been shrouded in mystery for more than 2000 years. At 7,700 feet above sea level and containing a 150-foot high tumulus flanked by colossal statues, the Mount…