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I can't stomach this.....I had to stop watching. This is way to SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very sad.

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Those two child actors were phenomenal, especially Jon. The final interview with Jon sent chills down my spine. Incredibly dark, but worth a watch.

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The subject matter is shocking to say the least. This is short film making of the highest order.

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kay louise

shocking. to think that these mothers were questioning the boys, but didn't walk with them to the police station! boys were amoral. I hope they had Psychiatric treatment. Incarceration is not the answer.

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A gripping story, but I'm sorry I watched it. Very dark.

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It's hard to realize that I watching a re-enactment. These boys are that good. In one word: WOW!

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Excellent short. The boys are incredible actors. Chilling story, timeless tragedy.

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kay louise

there is too much violence on film-here is a prime example. still not sure why I watched it. Horrible. Feel sorry for ALL the parents. glad they didn't show all the horror.
now to watch something uplifting!

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Absolutely chilling. And an amazing performance by these two children actors. Hard to separate fiction from fact.

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