Dibo the Gift Dragon

Dibo the Gift Dragon
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52 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Pretty in Pink
How will Dibo help make Bunny's dreams come true?
Episode 2 Forgetful Elo
How can Dibo help Elo with his bad memory?
Episode 3 Starry Night
A camping trip takes a surprising turn.
Episode 4 Singing in Pain
Bunny's got a musical new hobby!
Episode 5 Annie's Makeover
Bunny gives Annie a harsh reality check about her friendships.
Episode 6 Happy Birthday to Bunny
Where have all of Bunny's friends gone?
Episode 7 Truth Megaphone
Who's going to win the right to sit at the front of the Sky Train?
Episode 8 Super Elo
Dibo gives a friend a superhero makeover.
Episode 9 Oliver's Dream Trouble
Oliver has a magical dream.
Episode 10 Mirror, Mirror
The friends celebrate a special occasion - cookie day!
Episode 11 Double Trouble
Elo has an unusual request - to clone himself.
Episode 12 A Gift for Dibo
Dibo's friends want to give him a birthday celebration he'll never forget!
Episode 13 Friends Like Me
Bunny gets really grouchy with her friends' loud ways.
Episode 14 Stone Soup
Annie struggles to make a delicious soup.
Episode 15 Dibo Runs Out of Gifts
What's Dibo going to do when he runs out of presents?
Episode 16 Cro's Adventure Book
Cro searches for the most exciting story yet.
Episode 17 Let's Play All Day!
The friends get together for some fun!
Episode 18 Cozy Land's Stars
Cro's night of star gazing takes a surprising turn.
Episode 19 Cozy Land's Treasure Map
Hop aboard a flying pirate ship with Cro and Elo!
Episode 20 Ice Cream Mountain
Elo wants to make some ice cream.
Episode 21 My Lucky Day
Elo needs Dibo's help during a bummer of a day.
Episode 22 Elo Catches a Cold
Cro warns Elo about playing in the cold.
Episode 23 Annie's Rhythm Sticks
The friends take a trip into the woods.
Episode 24 Princess for a Day
Bunny dreams of being a princess.
Episode 25 Cro Grows Big
Cro gets into some surprising shenanigans.
Episode 26 The Singing Umbrellas
Dibo gets prepared for an exciting picnic.
Episode 27 Monster in Cozy Land
Who is scaring everyone in Cozy Land?
Episode 28 Amazing Annie
Everyone has a special talent, but Annie has no idea what hers is. Will she ever find out?
Episode 29 Two in a House
Elo's roof needs repair, so he bunks with Cro at his house. What could go wrong?
Episode 30 Annie's Reading Day
Cro tells a story to Annie, who wishes she had time to herself to read.
Episode 31 Shhhh…It's a Secret!
Elo tells Bunny a secret.
Episode 32 It's Snowing!
Cro wishes for snow.
Episode 33 Practice Makes Perfect!
Dibo grants Elo a wish.
Episode 34 Cro Goes to an Island
Cro, Bunny and Elo fight over who gets to ask Dibo for a gift first.
Episode 35 Who Donut?
Elo makes a wish for donuts but gets something else instead.
Episode 36 Crow's Sleepless Night
Cro can't sleep and decides to keep everyone else up as well.
Episode 37 Table Manners
The Cozy Land friends get a lesson in table manners.
Episode 38 Elo the Brave Knight
The Cozy Land friends put on a play!
Episode 39 The Cozy Land Race
Cro gets competitive gat a car race.
Episode 40 Keeping Clean
It's spring cleaning time in Cozy land and every wants to help out. Elo has developed a toothache though and wishes it would go away because he can't clean anything…
Episode 41 Bunny Makes a Garden
Bunny wants to make a pretty garden but she's too impatient and rushes through everything making it a mess. Her friends help out, she learns to be patient and is…
Episode 42 Counting Hero
Elo doesn't like counting and refuses to play the counting game everyone is playing. Dibo gives him a special gift and he discovers that counting is enjoyable after all.
Episode 43 A Cozy Windy Day
It's a windy day and perfect for flying kites and playing with pinwheels, everyone's happy except for Cro who hates windy days.
Episode 44 Elo the Referee
The gang decide to play a game of field hockey and Elo wants to be the referee but he finds it's hard to make fair decisions.
Episode 45 Thank You Annie
Everyone loves Annie, she's always thinking of her friends so Bunny makes a wish for a way to thank her. Dibo grants her wish but she, Cro and Elo can't…
Episode 46 Elo Cleans Up
Elo can't find his favorite fireman's helmet because his place is so messy. He makes a wish but can't figure out how Dibo's gift is supposed to help him.
Episode 47 Captain Bunny
Dibo and friends are going to play a game of baseball! Bunny has become the captain of the team, and instead of encouraging her friends to try their best, she…
Episode 48 One, Two, Three, Smile!
The gang has a smiley day! What magic will go down in this episode?
Episode 49 Dr. Elo's Hospital
Elo wants to pretend playing doctor so Dibo grants his wish and provides him with doctor toys. Dr. Elo begins taking things too seriously, rejecting his friends from playing with…
Episode 50 The Great Guest
Dibo and friends are going to have a Tea Party and Crow wants to be the very special guest to attend, so he makes a wish! He tries to impress…
Episode 51 Easter Bunny
Bunny wants to be the Easter Bunny so she can give gifts to her friends and be noticed. Problem is, Dibo tells her the Easter Bunny can never be seen…
Episode 52 Cro's New Bookcase
Cro has so many books that he is running out of places to put them, so he wishes for a bookcase. His friends all offer to help him build it,…

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