Dior and I
Inside the World of the Christian Dior Fashion House

Dior and I - Inside the World of the Christian Dior Fashion House
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C'est un excellent film.

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Beautiful and truly amazing.

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Great video, the presence of Dior can still be felt. Even the security guards feel an unseen presence. I was disappointed at the end. All the models were pale, didn't seen any shades of darker skin color.

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Especially impressed by the talents of the "back office": seamstresses, cutters, who make all this possible.

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A peek into a world few see into. Well done.

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what an amazing peak into the world of Haute Couture - such talented people!

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Loved this loads.

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Melissa Adylia


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The process is amazing!

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A lovely look into an area of the world I knew nothing about. Beautiful and very interesting. I enjoyed it very much.

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More a profile of the designer than Dior, a great story about a very intense career to ensure Dior’s hugh standards of creativity, quality and perfection is attained.

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tres bien !!

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