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Unrequited Love - On Stalking & Being Stalked
A story of obsessive passion. Based on an English academic's memoir on stalking and being stalked, Unrequited Love is a dazzling digital film essay on cinema and absence, on Hitchcock and Antonioni, on cinema and cities. It is a story of waiting, self-delusion, panic, fear of violence, and of modern…
Krzysztof Wodiczko: An Interview
Born in 1943 in Poland, Wodiczko lives and works in New York and Cambridge, MA, where he has been professor at MIT since 1991. Wodiczko is best known for his large-scale slide and video projections, which amplify political issues locally to their place of installation. Rather than use a screen…
Shen Shaomin & Laurent Mignonneau & Haines-Hinterding
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Shen Shaomin (born China 1956) has connected art and life, craft and the mechanical, in major sculptural installations covering themes of war, futuristic crisis, scientific abomination and the manipulation of nature. One of the most critically and socially aware of contemporary Chinese artists, his works use ancient Chinese culture to…
Momoyo Torimitsu, Angelica Mesiti & Serge Spitzer
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Momoyo Torimitsu Based in New York since 1996, Momoyo Torimitsu playfully critiques contemporary Japanese culture through works in sculpture, installation and video. She has performed and exhibited widely, including performances on Wall Street in New York and exhibitions in ISEA 2008, National Museum of Singapore, Momenta Art, New York, Museum…
The Acetate Diary Series
The Acetate Diary Series encompasses four collaborative films made in the wake of a serious car collision. The films, which include Blood on the Window, Broken Jaw, On Surgery, and Acetate Diary (which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival) are simultaneously documents of trauma and stunning self-portraits. By exploring abstraction,…
Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1894-1941
UNSEEN CINEMA: EARLY AMERICAN AVANT-GARDE FILM 1894-1941 is the ground-breaking retrospective that explores long-forgotten American experimental films made in the United States and Europe during the formative period of cinema. Arranged into thematic programs, the digital version consists of over 140 films, newly preserved and restored in 35mm and 16mm…
Masculinity / Femininity - Concepts of Gender
Masculinity/Femininity is an experimental documentary that challenges normative notions of gender, sexuality and performance. Experimental filmmaker Russell Sheaffer's Masculinity/Femininity takes over where his short film starring James Franco, Masculinity & Me, left off. Shot mainly on Super 8mm film, this is not a typical documentary. Sheaffer asks filmmakers, academics, gender…
Casual Relations
An ordinary day. Or is it? People go about their habitual behavior. Characters appear and then reappear in other scenes that may or may not belong together. In CASUAL RELATIONS, hints of melodrama shudder beneath the surface and no one is quite who they seem to be. Everyone is haunted…
After Modernism - The Dilemma of Influence
The purposeful dismantling of the modernist myth has been the central issue of contemporary art making and art criticism. Since the 1960s, other disciplines, cultures, and artists previously excluded from modernism's privileged canons have become absorbed into an ever expanding field of activity and influence. Younger artists are a new…
Guy Ben-Ary & Stuart Bunt & Aron Catts & Phil Gamblen (Meart Project)
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Rat neurons in Atlanta, USA operating a robotic arm in Perth Australia mimicking the "artistic process" of drawing a portrait. Guy Ben-Ary - Born and educated in Law in Israel before moving to Australia where he became director of the Image Analysis and Acquisition Facility (IAAF) at the Institute for…
Garry Stewart, Gina Czarnecki & Louis-Philippe Demers (Devolution & Dance Robotics Video Art)
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
2006 Helpmann Award Winners Garry Stewart has built a reputation for pushing dance- and his dancers-beyond conventional limits. In Devolution, Stewart collaborates with Canadian multi-disciplinary artist Louis-Philippe Demers and UK video artist Gina Czarnecki and goes one step further, with the introduction of robotics. Prosthetic limbs, large-scale ambulating robotic creatures,…
Screening Room with Bruce Baillie
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
Bruce Baillie appeared on Screening Room in April 1973 to screen and discuss the films:
  • On Sundays (excerpt, 11:40)
  • The Gymnasts (excerpt, 6:45)
  • To Parsifal (full film, 15:12)
  • Tung (full film, 4:32)
  • Castro Street (full film, 9:54)