Do Donkeys Act?
The Mystery and Intrigue of the Donkey

Do Donkeys Act? - The Mystery and Intrigue of the Donkey
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Merle avatar

Dedication of caregivers is admirable.Learned a lot about these misunderstood animals. It's a acting/narrative unimportant.

Anonymous picture

Donkeys 10/10
People who take care of the donkeys 10/10
Narration 0/10

Leslie avatar

Extraordinarily pretentious narration/commentary, and nearly unbearable tales of cruelty and suffering imposed on these poor creatures before they were rescued and brought to sanctuaries. But even at the sanctuaries they seem to be treated pretty harshly - standing outside in the snow, small ...Read more

Anonymous picture

And you Leslie, will want to watch Bresson's Au Hazard Balthazar (on Kanopy). It's in French, so you have to live with subtitles, but the language is the least important part of the film. He really cares about his donkey and sees it for the martyr that it is. Our ongoing sin toward animals. ...Read more

Leslie avatar

Hi Geoffrey: Thank you for your recommendations, I will definitely watch the Bresson film and try to track down the Kurdish one.

Anonymous picture

Absolutely agree on the text. Lord could I do without that. But the visuals I embraced. A very good idea done wrong.

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