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Next time someone tries to tell me my parents are "abusive" I should show them this so they can get some perspective.

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WARNING: NOT for the faint of heart! Brutally messed up, cruel, twisted and powerful, but hard to watch! Bravo Yorgos Lanthimos!

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The movie is a depiction of a society under tyrant rule- all is twisted,no escape from the horror.

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Watching some of Yorgos' old work to get ready for The Favorite. Surprised how funny this ended up being, even coming from the director of The Lobster. Excellent atmosphere and unique tone. Says a lot about how societal structures control us.

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Saw The Favourite yesterday! It's nice that Kanopy has so much of his work available for streaming.

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very fucked movie i want to see more by him

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I would have liked to known more about the roots of the parents' pathology, but it really doesn't matter. The overarching message for me is the deeply devastating damage that sick parents visit upon their children. And so on, and so on, and so on.

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I absolutely loved the perverse and twisted nature of this film

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I imagine that it was a situation like this that gave us The Shaggs

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i enjoyed the pussy scene. very funny. i will quote that from now on in my daily life.

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I am genuinely curious as to why the director felt like this project needed to be made. Having seen his other film, The Lobster, I would recommend The Lobster before I suggested that anyone watched this movie. This film is an interesting concept which is worth exploring because there are ...Read more

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Yorgos is a genius

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Sick cinema. Sick story. Sick creators. If that could be called the art and won the prize, we are definitely going back to the Middle Ages.

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Or, you know, it wasn't a movie for you and other people are allowed to enjoy things?

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This is the state of academia and arts nowadays. This is why people leave the left, depravity it is called art.

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And the extremist right-wing Drumpfster chimes in, with utter lack of insight. In case you hadn't noticed, humanity IS depraved, including you.

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Ean James

A brilliant and disturbing film which certainly lives up as the winner of the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes. Yorgos Lanthimos has only made two films I have seen, including this one and the Lobster, both of which are incredibly unique visions that I cannot imagine coming from anywhere ...Read more

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I read a good synopsis elsewhere, and it is just toooo strange for me. I enjoy Best Foreign nominees but sometimes I need to pass.

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Loved the aesthetic of the film. Never seen anything like this before but in all just take it for what it is.

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It's been said that cats make the best anarchists--and the one in this film doesn't fare well. But this is not surprising given the fiercely controlled and reified reality in which the characters in this film reside. Through this dark, startling (and at times quite funny) film, Lanthimos ...Read more

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Amazing reference to Schrodinger's Cat! Thank you for noticing and extracting that.

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Well put!

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Such a strange movie. I love it!

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Home schooling?

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They say that truth can be stranger than fiction. I'm not sure what the purpose was of putting the fish in the pool. Also, why did the dad keep hitting the children with equipment? It truly seems like a nightmare become a false reality in this movie.

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